Extraterrestrial Life: The Greys

When we talk about extraterrestrial life these days I would like to think we are a bit more sophisticated than we were in the past when we  talked about little green men from mars.

The deeper we explore this subject the more obvious it becomes that what we are dealing with is more complex than simply another species of sentient beings from another star system.

And it really gets blurry when we start talking about what we commonly refer to as the Greys. The Greys have become sort of the archetype of what we think of as “Aliens”.

What is coming to light now, during this awakening period is actually more fascinating than  Holly Wood movie plots and popular books.

There is information coming forward , that comes from research, first hand experience , channeled entities, and good old fashion gut feelings , that says the Greys are more than just  beings from another planet.

And I think we are mature enough now, come on it is 2012, lets not to waste time discussing whether they good or bad Aliens, again nothing is black and white , everything is “Grey” . Sorry I had to say it, pun intended.

So the general consensus that is forming in the alternative arena , is that the Greys are actually a hybridization , of some kind , perhaps Human and Annunaki.

Or perhaps they are an off shoot of the Annunaki that somehow got a little to carried away with their genetic manipulations and ended up in a timeline or an evolutionary path that led to the decay or the devolution of their own race, which is why they may be  abducting us for our genetic material so that they can continue to manifest as physical beings.

Some researchers  suggest that  the Annunaki , the Greys , and Humans are all related genetically to some degree , which makes sense  to me, I mean we are all hybrids of something.

This is where it requires a very open  heart and a disciplined ego  to allow no judgment,  to get to the truth behind these things, there can be no agendas, simply allow the data to take you where it takes you , no matter what the outcome.

Who cares if we Humans and the  Greys are simply off shoots of the Annunaki , I don’t ,  because ultimately what ever physical form infinite consciousness takes , it just for the experience, its not like we are going to spend eternity as Humans , Greys or Annunaki .

When we  to start thinking in mulit dimensional terms , we can see beyond linear , single dimension reality , and know we are infinite consciousness , we are multi dimensional fractals of universe, we are universe personified.

One of my favorite voices Bashar , tells us he is  a Hybrid, Grey Humanoid , from the future, channeling through  Darryl  Anka , who is actually a past reincarnation of  Bashar from his persepctive   so let that sink in for a bit.

Bashar says  in a real sense humans are his ancestors, now if you told someone on the street this , they might think you were nuts, which I have no problem with, because a sane man will appear insane in an insane world.

However for those of us who have spent time exploring and expanding their state of being, it makes perfect sense, because we are thinking and exploring from an infinite perspective , where not just “anything is possible, its a perspective where “everything” is possible.

This is how contact will be and is being made, right now in this moment , as we become more of who and what we are , we can more readily allow all things expression , we will leave behind , limitation , polarity and exclusion.

From this perspective if you really want to meet an Extraterrestrial , Just Look In the Mirror !

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