Living In The Moment: Now Is “All that Is”

As we expand , as we re awaken ,  being in the moment , being present , is the greatest tool we have for empowering ourselves. 

It is quite a challenge at times to maintain this “State Of Being”  and all of us struggle from moment to moment to do so.

We are constantly being pulled out of the now moment by a stream of thought patterns that the mind,  the ego seems to have in abundance as it constantly tries to figure out what to “Do ” next.

And this is perhaps why universe has given us so many challenges over the last few years, so much adversity.

When we are challenged we tend not to worry about the future or the past, the task of surviving financially , and emotionally is enough to keep us focused in the now moment lately.

It seems we are so busy now , that time itself is speeding up , hours, days , weeks months , years all flying by like a blur. As we become more multi Dimensional in our state of being, our thinking , being in the moment has actually become easier, as if the universe has given us just what the doctor ordered.

So all the adversity can be considered a blessing , it has helped to awaken us , startle us from our deep sleep we have been in for most of our lives, we are now awakening to the moment.

In this “Now Moment ” we can let go of the past , and not worry about the future, we can bask in knowing that we are the personification of universe , a universe that is infinite in abundance .

We don’t have to know what we will be doing in 10 years, 5 years, or even next week , we can rest in the peace of  knowing higher self will guide us through the challenges ahead, and by allowing the heart to lead the way , we can manifest our highest joys.

When you catch yourself during the day , running the program that takes you into yesterday and what you should have done, or trying to figure out what you should do tomorrow , watch how you feel , you will see a noticeable drop in vibration, you tend to feel less joyful and appreciative.

When you feel this its OK , its an opportunity to see the contrast between  being in the moment , and being in the mind , one vibration is limitation and fearful, the other is unlimited and empowering.

This is how you can sense where you are and learn to make adjustments so that you can spend more time in the moment, our most empowered , creative state of being.

Like the saying goes, There is No Time , like the Present, because in the present there is no time.

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