The Aware Observer: Captain Kirk Defeats NWO !

Well it turns out Captain Kirk figured out how to defeat Tyranny back in 1967 , non compliance.  Quit playing the game, the game only works if we are willing participants.

Gene Roddenberry was obviously aware of the forces at play on our little planet here and beautifully illustrated it in the episode used in the video below.

In this classic episode , Captain Kirk and his crew are used like pawns to fight the Klingons who are also being manipulated by an “Alien” presence who uses them like puppets.

Both sides are pit against each other in creating hostility , violence and Fear , which the aliens feeds on. Sound Familiar ?  Spock actually states in the episode that “It appears the Alien Feeds on Fear, Negative Human emotion.

Another example of Art Imitating Life. I find it fascinating how we give ourselves clues about “The Game” in our media , art, music and cinema, all the time, all through out human history, we keep giving ourselves clues.

It’s kinda like the “Cheat Codes” we find in our gaming environment, you know when you get stuck in a video game and you just can’t figure out how to proceed , so you go digging on line to find those cheat codes.

The most basic type of cheat code is one created by the game designers themselves , ( yes that would be us )hidden within the game itself. Surprising , not really , we have left ourselves all kinds of  cheats, hidden messages, and shortcuts.

This is the practical application of being an “Aware Observer”. The Aware observer is  operating from Higher Self , higher self is at the top of the mountain and has a much more expanded perception of reality, a much broader spectrum of vibrations or channels to perceive reality.

Higher Self is the Multi Dimensional aspect of our self.  Television is full of shows these days that are giving us clues about our true nature.

For example the new series Touch , is all about the synchronicity that surrounds us , Awake is about  parallel realities, and of course Fringe is about all of the above .

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