Integration: Fourth Density

Another way to explore the idea of Integration is to look at it this way. Fourth density is in a sense a state between 3D or what we call physicality and 5D which is a more of pseudo or non physical ” State of Being”.

This is what is happening to many of us , those of us that choose to experience this transition , this process and everyday we are experiencing glimpses of this state we will call 4D for lack of a better term.

Assigning numbers to various state of consciousness is rather silly , but its what we have to work with right now. The idea is that we are in a transitional state between physicality and non-physicality.

In other words , as we move deeper into the Apocalypse , into our re awakening , we will  start to have experiences that are more in alignment , vibrationally,  with what we are calling 5D reality , while we are still within the construct of the 3D universe.

Or another way to put it is , we are starting to perceive the multi dimensional aspect of “All That Is” while we are still in physicality.

And this manifests as , more joy, more synchronicity, more abundance, more compassion and greater use of the heart to guide us in our daily routines.

So again this is the practical application for allowing this process of integration to occur,we  just need to tell the ego to take a back seat and let the heart do the Navigating.

If you bring this realization into your daily interaction with your human companions, friends , family  and co workers, you will begin to see the changes within yourself, becasue again this is not about changing other people.

Remember “Everything” is a mirror. If your not smiling, your reflection in the mirror will not be smiling, this is “Exactly” how the universe works, I know it’s too simple , but that’s it.

Most humans are using 90% of their brain to make themselves believe they are only using 10%. I say forget the brain and work more with your heart.

This is why we are here , to integrate the “Human” and The ” Being”  so we can experience what it is like to be a conscious co creative fractal of  “All that is “, “Within” a very slow vibrational state.

And fourth Density is where the show is , fourth density is where this integration is taking place , right here right now , increasing in complexity each and every moment, this is the “Grand Experiment”, the play , the “Game”.

So hell , lets have some fun. once your aware of this it’s pretty easy to just let go , surrender , what have you got to loose , nothing, just latch on to your highest joy and never let go.

Ignore all the noise “Out There ” of economic collapse, Wars and rumors of Wars, Cataclysmic events, Disease, Death, Dancing with the stars, becasue once your aware of it , your done, it’s over.

Nothing holds any power over you except that with which you clothe it with. This is the goal of “Integration” and once you reach that “State Of Being” , well then , its time for a new game !  Are you ready for 5D ?

Lets let Bashar sort out the semantics and terminology that confuses all of us , when we try and articulate these ideas  , for example what the difference between Density and Dimension, and at some level these terms  are simply ways for us to describe this process of “Integration”.

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