Earth Changes: Quake Storm

Well it appears mother earth is having a bit of a hiccup.  On April 11th 2012 we had another major 8.6 earth quake off the coast of Sumatra ,which was followed by numerous strong quakes and aftershocks.

Later the  same day Mexico experienced its own strong 6.5 quake.  And then the seismic activity  seemed to move its way upward along the ring of fire, with a 5.9 off the coast of Oregon.

Then on April 12th while the Indian ocean is still rocking the gulf of California gets hit with a 6.9 quake and numerous strong aftershocks, each decent quakes in their own right.

As of Thursday evening on April 12th we are still seeing increased seismic activity across the globe. I haven’t seen this much activity since last spring in the aftermath Japans Quake.

As an aware observer I find it interesting that during this recent episode of seismic activity  the sun has been oddly quiet with virtually no sunspots or solar activity to speak of.

So clearly other forces are at work in this recent Global Quake Storm. Of course its 2012 so it’s fitting that we have some oddities and extremes when it comes to the earth and her growth spurts.

We are headed for a relatively strong planetary alignment on April 15th according to the data , however since the earth and perhaps time itself are accelerating , dates can be problematic. Clearly stuff is happening !

I’m wondering,  if the earth is slowly shifting on it’s axis , as it appears to be doing , is she literally spinning faster , like a top does when it stands up straight as it’s speed increases, and if so , does that  increase her vibrational speed so to speak , and is this also a catalyst for our increased vibration and time dilation.

I don’t know about you,  but as this awakening process continues , as we become more of what we are , our lives become full of synchronous events , each leading to increased awareness , happiness and joy.

Life seems more full these days  , busy that’s for sure , time seems to be passing at an unprecedented rate , or is it that we are simply no longer creating time , as we live more in the moment , more in a state of being that is representative of our highest joy, yeah, that’s it.

So hold on tight Mother Earth is going to takes us on one hell of Ride, Yeah it might get bumpy , and some of us including me , might get tossed , but hey , what else we gonna do for excitement !  Hang on !

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