Earth Changes: 4 Feet Deep Hail In Texas

2012 is certainly a year for strange weather phenomenon.

Having experienced this high strangeness first hand during a freak snow storm here in the Pacific Northwest earlier this year , I can only imagine what it’s like to experience 4 feet of hail in one storm.

This is what happened on April 11th 2012 in the Texas Panhandle. Evidently a thunderstorm super cell stalled just north of Amarillo Texas and dumped 2- 4 feet of hail , just like a big ice maker, covering highways , stalled vehicles and causing flooding like no one has ever seen before , unprecedented is the word .

Already this year we have seen some of the strongest Tornadoes we have ever seen wrecking havoc on the population. This climatic change we seem to be going through is effecting everyone , all over the world.

It does make sense that if we are in a period of increasing energy, and the earth shifting on its axis , we would naturally see increasing weather phenomenon , stronger storms , more intense heat , more intense cold .

Whether it all adds up to anything other than just strange I don’t know. It does appear to be part of a pattern ,although and we don’t need to define it as scary or a negative thing.

It’s just mother earth going through her changes , all we can do is get through it or move out of the way if possible. No matter where you go on the planet your likely to be impacted in some way by this extreme weather.

So its not about trying to escape it necessarily , it’s more about learning to cope with it. It will be interesting to watch as we move forward and I will add these events to the “Earth Changes” section as we move through 2012 and beyond.

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