Earth Changes: Solar Superstorm & Planetary Alignments

I don’t know about you but  I’m getting a bit burned out on the whole doom and gloom 2012 thing  , the year it all Ends.  I understand it makes a good marketing strategy , but some of these guys may want to consider a new gig.

I mean after all we are already in the spring of 2012 , and guess what we are all still here.  But hey it made for good entertainment and contemplation.

That being said there is no doubt we experiencing a shift, a shift in consciousness, and  even a magnetic pole shift as well as an actual axis shift, albeit very slowly , which is good,  , the earth is simply going through its vibrational change, and so is the solar system and the galaxy and yes the whole universe, and us , since we are the personification of universe.

We are all experiencing the changes, the cycles , this is the nature of reality,  but this whole end of the world stuff is really quite adolescent, considering we are all internal , infinite beings.

The idea behind the Doom and gloom , pole shift, end of the world scenarios is really just a choice, a channel on the cosmic TV screen , becasue in reality all things are occurring simultaneously.

And that’s what the apocalypse is all about , its about understanding that the nature of reality we have found are self in , its all about allowing expression , about inclusion , so if you want to experience cataclysm , then by all means , do so , join the collective that wants to have that experience.

In this  cosmic amusement park we call physicality , all the rides are free, so take a ride on the cataclysm roller coaster if you like, we all have before , I know I have , it was exciting , I got to experience  pole shifts and nuclear destruction , you name it its all there for your enjoyment.

However if you have been there done that so to speak , like many of us have, perhaps this time we choose a reality where we come to the realization that we have a choice individually and collectively in the co creative process.

Perhaps many of these Cataclysm junkies are  in it to make a quick buck , or they may well be suffering from a sort of cataclysm phobia where they remember their lifetimes , experiences where they did participate  in those dramas, and there is still a bit of residue left that still resonates for them , something they still want to  dabble with , sort of an addiction to cataclysms perhaps.

Nothing wrong with that , all things are allowed expression , that’s how loved we are , that’s how infinite and abundant the universe is , it creates all experiences in infinite combinations for all to experience, there is no limitation what so ever.

So the question simply becomes , what do you want, what do you want to experience, and how will you define those experiences.

From my personal persepctive, at the center of my universe, it appears that , while we are being told the world is going to end , in giant solar flares , earth quakes, title waves , nuclear war,  comet impact, economic collapse, the “reality” isn’t quite so dramatic.

Yes mother earth is changing, and as she does so , some of the inhabitants have been disrupted and have even perished, but the world ending is pure silliness.

People die everyday, its part of the deal , part of this game . So when December 21st 2012 rolls around and we are still here , watching TV, playing with our IPads, going  grocery shopping , driving to work , do be too surprised.

That being said there are changes going on , the earth does seem to be shifting, there is increasing activity in the sun , there are planetary alignments occurring , there are powerful forces at work , no doubt about it.

All amazing , exciting things are happening, and some are so powerful that some humans might get swept away, oh well , it’s not like they can’t come back , tickets are free !

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