The Awakening Process: Ascension

As we grow in awareness, as we expand our consciousness, as we realize that our “state of being “is the only thing that truly “Matters”, the only thing that creates matter, the concept of ascension for many of us has taken on new meaning.

From this more expanded  persepctive  , ascension is simply which direction you are moving in. Since all of the dramas played out in the universe are basically one of two themes, from light to darkness, from darkness to light.

Ascension is when we are  playing the drama of moving form darkness to light.  Or to be more accurate , more precise perhaps , a better way to describe ascension is when we are  moving from lower , slower vibrationally frequencies into higher or faster vibrational frequencies.

That’s really all we are talking about here, its not all that complicated , and it’s not about how some people will ascend and some will  not ascend in the coming days as we move deeper into the Apocalypse.

We have all ascended and descended , its like a fish swimming through an ocean of vibrational probability, it can go where ever it likes.

People get pretty wrapped up in the concept of ascension and whether its going to happen , or who is going to ascend.  Hello , wake up , we are  first source , we are fractals of all that is , we are all that is and ever will be.

We simply play with the concepts of darkness and light, ascending and descending, becasue it give us experiences that we can use to explore the nature of reality , so that we can explore ourselves.

So remember the homeless man on the street in torn rags is just as much an ascended master as anyone else. So don’t get too caught up in the ego concept , of the idea of ascension.

I would suggest that a  more productive , or constructive pursuit to keep you entertained would be to simply watch how you are reacting to outer circumstances.

This is the area you will find most challenging , especially in this time line , we know as planet Earth circa 2012. When you can remain in a calm , loving state of being , regardless of the outer circumstances , this is an indication of how awake , how aware you are of the nature of reality.

One of the most rewarding things to accomplish , is to see,  that when you remain true to your self , true to your resonate state of being , regardless of outer circumstances, and regardless of whether anything in the outer world has changed , this is when shifts will occur.

Shifts that will take you to versions of reality that are more in alignment with your core vibration , this is the reward so to speak , this is the way we actually travel , the way we learn to navigate  so that we can reap the benefits of our infinitely abundant universe.

Remember , universe supports all expressions, all vibrations, all probabilities, so it very important to be clear about , what you want !

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