The Aware Observer: Victim Perpetrator Savior

As we have discussed here before, the two basic themes that continue to play out here in physicality are from darkness to light and light to darkness, this seems to be the main theme for experiential exploration.

As fractals of all that is, I believe we do this for the purpose of expansion, so that we can explore all possibilities in infinite combinations , this is co creation, so it’s not a good thing or a bad thing , it’s beyond polarity , it is simply the way the universe works.

Within these two themes that are running , we have three basic characters that the vast majority humans take on as actors in these dramas.

We have the Victim , the Perpetrator and the Savior , or what I will call the VPS program, just for fun. These personality types if you will , or characters are all playing their parts so that we can have a collective experience , again this is not about judging whether any of these characters are good , bad right or wrong.

This is of course all tied to the program we know as Problem Reaction Solution. And the purpose of this Triad is to dis empower, so it is a polarizing force , not a unifying force , it is a fear based paradigm, just know it for what it is, and simply ask yourself, do you want to play this game , do you want to be participate in this closed loop.

Now here is the important part to remember so that you can move beyond these constructs, We have “all” played these roles at some point in our various incarnations , all of us have been Victims , Perpetrators, Saviors, and in fact even in a single life you will cycle through these roles along your journey.

So understanding this  will allow you to move “beyond” this if you so choose, so that you can stand outside of the situation and observe what is goign on  “You” can become “The Aware Observer”.

The Aware Observer is another way to describe “Higher Self“.  And of course higher self , as the name would imply has a higher or much more expanded perspective of reality or “All that is”.

Again this is the practical application of  expanding ones consciousness , it allows you to free yourself from old idea, old constructs old definitions,  that no longer serve you, it perpetuates growth.

When you start to view the world from this perspective, as an aware observer ,  and you look at the actions of the so called Power Elite , or Ruling Elite , Bankers , Politicians, Dictators, War lords, you will see that ultimately they have no power at all except that which we, (the collective)  give them, this will empower you and remove you from the Victim role, and the Blame Game.

We can acknowledge that yes they exist within the construct, they play their roles,but we are not “Victims” we are always willing participants, even though it may not feel or seem that way at this time.

This is the paradigm shift that is occurring now during the Apocalypse many of us are becoming Aware of these programs and are refusing to participate. We no longer want to be a Victim , a Perpetrator or a Savior. We have experienced that and are ready for something new.

In my opinion this usually occurs when one starts truly living from the heart, and allows the heart centered virtues to become the template for their behavior.  When we start  living from the heart we no longer have a need for control , we become more of what we are , (infinite beings) and start to live in a more unified state of  consciousness , we become a unifying force to all of those around us.

As this occurs , as more people drop the VPS program , as is occurring now , eventually that source energy will be re directed into more meaningful roles or characters  for us to play , roles that are more in alignment vibrationally , with our new definitions of what it is to be human.

What those would be I’m not quite sure, perhaps we will no longer need to play any role at all other than “Open Channel” . In the “Open Channel” mode , there would be no limitation at all.

So monitor your state of being, and observe, what character are you playing today , is it what you want to play , is it your highest joy to be the Victim , Perpetrator or Savior, just remember it takes a lot of your energy to maintain these roles , just think what else could you be doing with that energy.

Exploring the Universe perhaps !   Either way its OK , it’s always your choice.

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