Land of Confusion

Land of Confusion is a great song from Disturbed that pretty much summarizes these times we are going through during the Apocalypse , the Awakening.

As usual Disturbed shows off their tight instrumental work and great vocals in what I would call Metal with a Message.

And the accompanying video is really well done and illustrates the plight of the man on the street as he fights back against tyranny , corporate greed and the ultimate “Beast” , which is portrayed by a big Fat Banker , it’s all very clever and well orchestrated with excellent visual effect.

As we lift the veil of illusion,  we are getting it all out in the open , airing all the dirty laundry that has built up over thousands of years during this most recent cycle within the exploration of consciousness

Every day you can see and hear all the  prophets and prophecies, of doom and disaster , economic collapse and martial law.  Some are the architects , some simply market the Apocalypse , with DVD’s , Books, Lectures, on how to survive the coming mayhem.

They say for only $19.95 you can learn how to survive when the foreign military troops take over the streets of America. For only $19.95 you too can be saved by our savior , benevolent space brother or spiritual leader.

As we watch the popularity of these  ” propheteers ” increase daily , its is becoming clear that many people as they awaken are simply falling into a another trap , as they struggle to find meaning and hope , in these chaotic times , many believe they will  find solace and purpose in figuring out who is to blame , but we must go deeper , always deeper.

Pointing the finger allows them to project their darkness , their fear onto the perpetrator.  This is why the Doom and Gloomers are becoming incredibly popular, becasue,  if the world is ending then whats the point, why take responsibility , after all its “their” fault anyway , they are the ones who caused the world to end, I am simply a “Victim”, this is becoming the popular mentality.

This is the Land Of Confusion.

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