2012: All the Easy Lessons Have Been Learned Part 1

As we approach the Transit of Venus , June 5th  in the middle of the year 2012, we are shifting into and through  the most talked about year for  most of us in our lifetimes.

So much is supposed to happen, so much is happening. For many of us just a few years ago , if you would have asked us , what do we think is going to happen in 2012 , we would have shrugged our head , not knowing , wondering what are they talking about , it’s just another year , in the future.

And then suddenly something happened , for many of us it was around the fall of 2008 , a major shift occurred in consciousness, for many it was in the form of the awakening dream, which in a sense ushered in the awakening from the dream, what we think of as waking reality.

It was like a cold splash of water in the face , in the form of a series of waves , each one bringing us further out of our deep sleep.

And for those that chose to look around and see things as they truly are , once we were awake , we were presented with 2 choices , stay awake and take responsibility for our part in this co creative experiment , or go back to sleep.

To stay awake means to face all the more difficult lessons, the more challenging , after all , The Easy Lessons have already been learned, now its time to for the big ones.

And the big one is integration, it’s time to look at all this information ,all this creation ,  good, bad, positive , negative, pretty and ugly , and to integrate it into a unified state of being , where we can take full responsibility for its creation.

Because all the easy lessons have been learned.  Think about it , look at your life right now, for many of us, that have chosen to remain awake , the last few years have more than likely been some of the most challenging in our lives , on all levels .

None of  us really “know” what is going to happen , of course we never did , but we used to think we did , but now we have surrendered and we know we don’t have a clue, and that’s not a bad place to be, no expectation leaves room for expansion , for growth.

For those of us who have decided to stay awake, and have  been examining  ourselves , and cleaning our inner houses , the task has been overwhelming at times, becasue there is no one out there that can do the job for us, and the outer world provides little motivation for this undertaking.

But now that a lot of  the garbage has been put out on the curb , we find that our inner house has a lot more room now, we can move more freely , without bumping into all the unwanted programming and belief systems that no longer serve our best interests, that in fact have been holding us back from the realization of our highest joys individually and as a race.

So as we approach and pass through June , this mid way point in 2012 , it will signal the subtle shift from a slightly more negative to a slightly more positive state of being in the collective experience, its a shift many will not feel or want to participate in perhaps and that’s OK too.

But what will this shift  look like , my heart tells me it may not look all that positive in the outer world , as the constructs we have allowed to enslave us start to crumble from lack of support from  source energy.

It may appear as if all “Hell” is breaking loose , yet this is actually a good thing !   In Part 2 we will explore what the rest of 2012 might look like, as we continue to shift our way through the “Sea of Probability” .

And if you want to see Hell , well just check out this video below with its lower vibrational sound track , and vivid imagery of the manipulated construct that has been created to entrap consciousness into a deep virtual reality amusement park.
“Yes Step away from the window , go back to sleep my precious”

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