2012: All The Easy Lessons Have Been Learned Part 2

So what will the rest of 2012 look like now that we are roughly half way through the year ?  In Part 1 we talked about shifting to a slightly more positive vibrational frequency as we move forward.

Does that mean outer circumstances will look like they are improving ?  Will the Economy around the world start to get better ?  Will the war mongers slowly start scaling down their war for profit campaigns in the middle east ?

Will the Power Elite Start using their stolen resources to better human existence ? Such as allowing cleaner technologies to emerge so that we can start to head in the direction of sustainable and healthy living for humans and the planet as well ?

These are all good questions that most of the awakening population is asking.   The answer of course, is no one can really know exactly how it will all play out. The future is simply the bow wave of the eternal moment , so its always in a constant state of flux.

If we ask ourselves what we truly want as an awakened sovereign being , living from the heart , not from ego, then the answer will come to us.

For me the answer comes in a very strong desire to change our direction as individuals and a race, we can’t go on like we are now , so for those of us that want to see a radical change in the outer world , we must be prepared to make radical changes within ourselves so that we may shift to this version of reality that we aspire to.

For those of us who that want radical change ,  be prepared for the old constructs to crumble , and for the possibility of widespread chaos in the “outer world”, it does not mean your personal or inner life has to be filled with chaos, that is up to you to decide . 

Of course the most prominent of these failing constructs will be the Economic Systems we currently have in place.

Our current Economic system is broken , diseased, full of rot and corruption and it no longer serves the best interest of the people , and after it’s collapse something new can be born, otherwise nothing else will change on this planet, at least the version we are creating , in this co creative process.

Of course we must not allow , we must not support another version of the same system to take over , another control grid to be put in place, there has to be a better way to live.

And there are enough of us now that want change , enough of us to form a new collective , that can break away from these old tired constructs, the Age of Kings is coming to end,  we will no longer support this construct.

Yes !   I support collapse and hardship if that’s what it takes,  what ever it takes , to rid ourselves of this tapeworm, this parasite that has lodged itself in the bowels of the human Economic system.

After all , the easy lessons have been learned , what else are we going to do. The chaos that is likely to occur will be when these two opposing forces clash .

Those that do not wish to relinquish their control , they will not give up without a fight , they will wreck havoc , lives will be effected , there will be casualties and that’s their part in the drama, they are part of source, just like we are.

So it’s really just a choice if we want to be completely honest with ourselves, most of us look forward to those days.

I know they say be careful what you wish for , well I’m not wishing , I’m not hoping , I want change , I want something better , something  that serves all of us in a more fair and universal way , lets show the universe we took a stand and made our way back to the light.

How about an Economic system that rewards hard work , without the parasite there to drain the vitality out of humanity

In effect the economic system could simply be what we have had minus this parasite, at least for now in the short term .

So the point I’m am making here is that the shifting to a more positive vibration may not look all that positive in the beginning , in fact it may seem more chaotic, and as this occurs and people panic and insanity ensues, there will be those of us who have smile on our face , joy in our hearts, becasue we “know in our hearts”  , that yes this is positive , we are finally starting to change in a new direction.

We have changed course, and in the chaos and destruction, new systems will be born, necessity is the mother of invention. Just like a star that dies and explodes into super novae, only to create new  stars, new planets, new life!

In the video below Charlies tells us that the collapse is coming and we will be offered the solution. And of course it has all been carefully orchestrated , the Euro is being destroyed to strengthen the dollar , the dollar is the control mechanism of choice, the entire world is tied to the dollar, once everyone runs to the dollar… then what … fiat insanity.

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