The Aware Observer: The Economic Beat goes on.

The economic news lately is like watching  a heart beat monitor, it goes up it goes down.  It actually quite comical, I can’t imagine anyone actually buying into it , its a compete farce.

It seems every week we are on the verge of collapse , only to be saved by another round of  bail out funds from the central banks , or some made up economic data that shows we are on the road to a recovery.

In reality we seem to be just standing still , no real economic growth, no real solutions , just the same old tired stories of collapse and recovery , on and on it goes.

It’s a challenging situation for most of us, the uncertainty of our economic futures seems bleak , I have empathy for the people on social security , and fixed incomes, as we see inflation rearing its ugly head at an even more accelerated pace.

No one is immune, the middle class is under tremendous strain, as we carry the burden , taxed into oblivion. The only advice I have is try and just take it one day at a time , that’s the only way most of us can cope with these circumstances.

Also make the best use of your time with your loved ones, don’t let the stress and pressure turn you against each other as often happens , this is definitely the time time to pull together and really take a hard look at your priorities.

Its so easy to just fall into a melancholy , and worry about the future while completing missing the moment , and that I think is the whole point.

Perhaps those that are creating this hardship on planet earth , are doing so precisely at this time to rob you of your joy during this period of awakening , so that all you think about is how are you, your children , your loved ones, going to survive financially, it keeps you focused on the future, its a cruel trap.

The use of the money control grid is a brilliant way to trap consciousness. So don’t let it happen, dig deep , know that you are infinite, know that you are more than a human being , on planet earth , working in a job , struggling to make ends meet.

Know you are divine and that no matter what the circumstances , all “Things” are temporary, and this to shall pass. This will aide you in changing , altering your vibrational frequency , so that you can better tune into higher self and benefit from its broader range of receiving source energy.

We will all get through this , we have no where else to go , so the quicker you understand that your state of being is all that you truly own , the easier the transition will be.

From this perspective you can look at this period of earths history , this particular drama that’s unfolding and see the blessing , sometimes our wildest dreams are clothed in our worst nightmares.

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