Problem Reaction Solution: The Greek Debt Crisis

Well here we go , another crisis.  This week its  Greece,  again , and the fate of the Euro hangs in balance ,so we are told , ad nauseam.

Of course the central bankers ( our saviors ) are ready to swoop in with billions in imaginary currency to save the world yet again from the brink of destruction.

Depending on the outcome of the elections in Greece , the Greeks will either stay in the Euro zone or they will leave and start printing their own currency, the Drachma.

Personally I would love to see the Greeks thumb their nose  up at the Central Banks and tell them to stick it, it would be seen as a positive sign for me , as I could see that I had shifted to a reality where “something significant had changed in the collective.

At the very least it would be something different , a change in the drama , this planetary soap opera we call life on earth , that seems to be stuck , like a re run playing the same episode over and over again.

So I am actually hoping they do leave the Euro zone.  Right now for me , its June 17th , around 9pm in Greece and the election is supposedly too close to call , which sounds familiar.

My gut feeling is that the banksters will do anything to remain in control so it is unlikely the Syriza party will be allowed to win as it does not suite their agenda , and after all most of the political theater on the planet is manipulated , and there only to give the masses the illusion of participation .

On one hand it’s difficult to know what the agenda is for these beings we call the Ruling Elite, one would guess its simply to stay in control, and since their control mechanism is currency , created by the central banks , having a country decide to create its own currency may or may not be part of that agenda.

On the other hand allowing the Greeks to exit the Euro zone , could be the beginning of the End for the Euro Zone , the Euro itself , which of course would greatly strengthen the Dollar , which is really the De facto world currency anyway.

This would literally buy some time for Washington so that they could continue to do what they do , which is basically whatever they are told, in exchange for plenty of  Dollars.

So a strong dollar is pretty good incentive , so now that I think about it , they can’t really loose , either way they remain in control.

And so goes life on planet earth , a lot of  stuff happening , but not much is changing , at least “Out There” which is why it is so important to note that , the most important news to stay tuned into , is not the news of the world , but what is going on inside of each of us.

This is where the real change occurs, don’t get caught up in the “Hegelian Dialectic, it’s a trap meant to keep you busy and focused on the illusion, go deeper, always deeper. !

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