The Unfoldment Part 2.

In Part 1. of the Unfoldment, we talk about the book by Neil Kramer and  how resonate his views are in comparison with my own and many of us who are having this discussion.

There are some doom and gloomers out their who are peddling there own brand of the Apocalypse and that’s OK , that just adds to the challenge, and they are just doing their part as catalysts along the way.

However for me , the level of resonance with Neil Kramer’s work  is quite extraordinary, Neil has the ability to articulate verbally , exactly what I am thinking , and feeling with regards to this process we call the awakening, the unfolding.

And there are a couple of main components to this message that are coming through very strongly right now , and these components,  I will call them,  represent a pivotal shift , in how many of us have decided to continue on our journey.

We have decided to choose the path of integration. We have come to the realization that while the process of awakening does take you into some pretty dark territory , you don’t want to languish there for too long , take as long as you need, but just realize it’s only a stepping stone, one small aspect of the whole process.

And  the beings , human or otherwise that create this darkness , are from a greater perspective,  simply playing their part in the cosmic drama, giving us the fertile ground that is needed for growth ,  we are all fractals , individualized  from the same prime source, we are all source consciousness, god, what ever term you feel the need for.

We can experience individualized awareness and  collective consciousness , this is what we are.

The path of integration shines a blinding light on all of the dirt in both the outer and the inner world, and since we know that everything starts form within and manifests outwardly , we come to the conclusion that cleaning our inner house is really what all of the illusion out there is showing us.

Integration is essentially realizing that there is no “out there” , and that universe is really a mirror for consciousness to stare into.  You realize that the face in the mirror can only smile when you smile, it can only support that which you give it.

This knowledge is incredibly empowering , you have complete realization from the heart , that nothing holds dominion over you , it allows you to blossom , and become more of what you are.

It allows you , it inspires you,  to go out in the world with the highest of conduct, empathy , and appreciation for this most wondrous experience we are all having together, integration brings more  unity ,  harmony, and  joyful experiences into our daily lives, more abundance as we create synchronicity  that leads us further towards expansion.

The unfoldment offers us a choice , on how we want to define things, it allows us to choose belief systems that serve us, not “Them” , it frees us from the constructs that are crumbling all around , and teaches us that only state of being matters.

The unfoldment hones consciousness like a sword that can cut through all of the illusion like hot butter , barely noticeable , no impact, you get  the idea .

I found an excellent interview that you can access by clicking on the image below , its Neil with the folks at Stench of Truth Radio.

It hits on all cylinders , and summarizes most of my thoughts for me , thanks again Neil, so glad your with us on the journey, while doom and gloom may be a bit more popular right now, I believe  we are ahead of the curve on this one.

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