12 Aspects Of My Awakening For 2012

As we move deeper into 2012 , past the midway point , the world ” Out There ” continues to oscillate between collapse and recovery, between creation and destruction , darkness and light , as more source energy is dumped into the playing field.

As governments and their masters use this energy to turn up the heat on the slowly boiling frogs, ( yes that’s us ) ,  wars , rumors of wars, aerial drones in US cities , Economic crisis , Police State tactics, Health Care Bills , Political Theater are entering into a level of novelty unprecedented in human history.

At the same time many of us on the planet are using this gift , this extra boost of energy to shift into higher gear, to propel ourselves further down the evolutionary path.

And like a snow flake , like a fingerprint , no two paths are the same, although they do  intertwine, they meet at certain intervals , they coalesce at certain junctures, all in a grand dance , the dance of the cosmos.

Some of the dancers come together, they are like minded people , kindred souls ,that  form groups, self organizing collectives , that choose  to create new constructs , new paradigms, new worlds, new versions of reality .

And today , in July of 2012 , at the half way point , between destruction and creation , darkness and light , I will share some of the revelations that I find fascinating , that interest me, that help me to see the big picture, that bring me joy and are helping to empower me on my personal journey.

I’m not so arrogant as to call these truths, as some will see them as pure nonsense , but there are many who may find a resonance , and it’s to those that I share my thoughts with , my voice with , because each of us , have our own truths.

1. The concept of the suns solar flares as data packets or upgrades to human consciousness.

2. The idea that we don’t change the outer world , we can only change ourselves , our own personal expression of all that is , and by doing so we become a living template that others can emulate if they choose to , which in turn does impact the outer world, remember all that is, the universe , is holographic in nature.

3. The game is actually De cension and Re ascension , since we are already  source,  we are already “all that is “, we are not starting from the bottom and  working our way up .  It may appear that way from the limited 3d perspective  because that is the game , that is the illusion , that is why we decided to play. We chose to plunge into the depths of creation known as as physicality or 3D , for the illusion of cutting ourselves off from source.

4.  From the perspective of 5D reality,   not only can we do “Anything” we can do “Everything” , there are no limitations.

5. We are not really separate , not really different , we have just created constructs or filters what we call personalities , that we have clothed source energy into for the purpose of experiencing what it it is like, to have a unique perspective.

6. We do not change the world , we change our own vibrational “state of  being”,  and by doing so we can then experience realities , or versions of Earth that are a match , vibrationally, this is part of the game, the reward so to speak , how to get to the next level of adventures.

7.  The game does not end so to speak after leaving the 3rd dimension , the game if you will continues up an outward through all dimensions , albeit with less contrast. So for example , polarity does exists perhaps , for those in the 9th dimensional collective, its just not to the extremes that are here in 3D , and those in 9D are completely aware of it and the game.

8. There is only the “Now” moment , past and future are just constructs of the 3d matrix, again its a way to disconnect from the other time-lines ,lifetimes or versions of Earth that are all running concurrently , simultaneous. It allows those of us in the game to have the perception of linear time.

9. Love as a “State Of Being” , not the emotional roller coaster ride we associate with emotions of romantic love or love normally associated with human relationships which are for the most part all based on conditions. Love as a “State Of Being” is a place where all is supported, in a sense this “type of love” if you will is another name for “all that is ” source energy, infinite consciousness and so on, it is pure creation energy, beyond duality , polarity , it is the unified field.

10.  Circumstances don’t matter , only state of being matters. This is a tricky one to be consistent with , but the more you can be,  the easier it is to live in the moment , which eliminates a lot of grief in your life of worrying about what are you going to tomorrow, next month , next year.

11. The realization that belief systems are the way we filter reality, change your belief systems, and you change your life , the way you experience reality. This has inspired me to create a new belief system , which is , to , not allow belief systems, that create limitation of any kind,  at all , I’m done being a master of limitation.

12. And I saved the most important one for last , and that is Completing the Circuit.  Which is , applying what I am learning, bringing it into my daily routine, bringing it into my relationships with the other beings around me. This is not about telling people about what you are learning necessarily, its more about “Being” what you are learning.

My awakening process has had it’s dark night of soul, it ups and downs,  a mini Apocalypse to be sure. However , I am stronger, more empowered, more energetic, more inspired, more forgiving, more loving than I have ever been in my life.

There are tremendous benefits form doing the hard work , the shadow work , the cleaning of the internal house,its not the easy path , but ultimately , if you want to move forward , out ward,  it is the only path, so we might as well get started.

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