Apocalypse Help: Pete From Canada

Pete From Canada Asks:
” Hey Seth, great site! I totally resonate with the material. I was wondering if you can give me your thoughts on a something I have been thinking about. We know about the ‘powers that be’, but do these people behave differently depending on our own vibration? The so called ‘illuminati’, are these people strictly negative or can they also be leading positive lives in a parallel reality? Say the Rothchilds for example, if I am giving off a loving vibration, are these people out to serve mankind in a positive way instead of a destructive and controlling way in my personal reality? ”

Pete , great question , and a very resonate for me, and others I’m sure.  From my personal perspective of reality , the Illuminati are not necessarily all positive or negative, nothing is black and white , its all grey. Positive and negative are aspects of  polarity consciousness.

I feel there are illuminated beings, that are playing their part in the mass drama , some choose to play the bad guys some the good, in the end though , we all originate from first source, these are just roles we play. The more awakened , the more expanded we become , the more unified or integrated our perspective becomes.

So that ultimately, we realize, that what we call physical reality , 3d, is simply responding to our input , it is really  just a mirror. So yes you can alter or modify your vibrational frequency , change the channel if you will , and immediately shift to a reality where , there is more positivity , more unity , in your “personal reality” , becasue in reality, that’s all there”really” is.

There really is no out there, everything is happening within you . We are each a universe , so when you shift your beliefs, your definition of things, you will make the shift to a version of earth , a version of reality where it appears like the powers that be are more in alignment with you , or ,  they simply become irrelevant. I lean towards the latter.

It’s a process though , especially in the beginning stages , when you just start learning that things are not at all what they seem. And challenging because many of us are experiencing the socio economic chaos that these beings have played a role in perpetuating on this planet.

Remember though , we don’t change the world , we change ourselves, which allows us to then become a vibrational match to a more resonate version of reality ,   like tuning a radio to a different station.

The key to making noticeable shifts to versions of reality that are quite different than what your used to , is being able to change, without having any expectations of what will happen in the outer world, this is how you know if you have actually changed.

Remember the mirror {universe} cannot show you smiling in the mirror , unless your smiling. So as we awaken , what we see in the outer world is the reflection of our current filter, belief systems,definitions , individually and as a collective.

These days I don’t give much thought to the Illuminati, the bloodlines, the powers that be, anymore, I’m not all that interested in the Alex Jones Channel any more, nothing against Alex , I love him , for his part in the play, the movie , I’ve just out grown those constructs, concepts, which means I will no longer support them with source energy.

Which means that I have become part of a collective , or version of earth/reality where “they” will fade away ,no longer a tool , no longer needed in the new play , the new adventure, they have become obsolete symbols, constructs.

So yes I agree with what your saying, your on the right track , many of us are done with the blame game , we are ready to move on , and take  the next step , which is letting go and allowing the heart to take the drivers seat .

So lets keep up those loving vibrations , lets be a unifying force in the universe, in your universe, know that you are so loved , and love yourself , and universe will support and mirror that back to you.

As more of us go through this process, we “will” be creating the new paradigms, the new versions of reality , the new collectives for all to experience if they so choose.

Others can choose the negative path , where dark forces , the  Illuminati , the powers that be tear the world apart, all is allowed expression in an infinite universe, and that’s OK.

And from a certain perspective, I’m not sure the purpose of this experience here in physicality is some eventual golden age of peace and prosperity on planet earth, we already have that at any moment we choose.

We are doing something different here , something unique , and we like the challenges it creates, becasue it fuels our growth our expansion and understanding of what we are. We are the singularity, expressing it self in infinite ways.

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