2012 Olympic Conspiracy

I’m not sure 2012 is living up to the hype , but hey nothing ever does. Although it has produced yet another conspiracy theory and it has been brewing for a while now , ever since London was chosen for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

So maybe you haven’t heard yet , but there seems to be quite a bit of chatter about the elite bloodlines and their crazy , nutty blood rituals surrounding the 2012 Olympics.

One of the proposed false flag events would entail a fake Alien attack on London perhaps killing thousands, presumably in the hope that the outside threat would unite humanity , ushering in a one world government.

Well that’s  the readers digest version anyway, and there are quite a few variations on this theme , like  perhaps a nuclear detonation over the stadium , or the unleashing of a biological weapon , which would infect people from all the world.

Personally I like the Alien invasion theme better , at least it would be more interesting , and we would finally get to see all the black op hardware that we spent trillions of our tax dollars on.

Unfortunately a more boring scenario is likely , and it goes something like this , False flag terror event , perhaps chemical or biological , on the last couple of days the games . It gets blamed on Syria somehow , and then everyone wants to attack Iran .

I know it sounds crazy , but then again …it is planet earth.

There have been a lot of researchers who have  put together quite a bit of convincing data as to why they think the 2012 summer Olympics in London will be a pivotal point in history , without doing the research myself , I can only examine what they are saying and what my heart, my higher self is telling me.

And my “Heart” tells me anything is possible at this point, we are moving into uncharted territory.  The bubble can only last so long before it pops, the illusion may be in jeopardy , and the entities that are trying to maintain this construct , may feel its time for another 911, something to really motivate the masses.

So the idea or purpose of this dialogue that has been going on , from the perspective of the alternative or esoteric researcher,  is to bring this information into the blinding light of the Apocalypse so that more and more people will wake up to the nature of this beast and their shenanigans .

We don’t need another 911, and this  sounds like it would be 911 on steroids, so maybe if we are awake , and aware of their nefarious plans it will spoil their whole mega ritual mojo . Well at least that’s the plan , and we all know well plans work out.

It also makes me wonder is all this attention from the conspiracy researchers helping to fuel their fire , can you say predictive programming , are we being played…again.

From a greater persepctive though , If everything is allowed expression , then one could argue that yes it will happen ,on some version of planet earth , the question is what do you want , what version of reality , what version of the collective do you want to participate in , decide and then see what happens, this is the lesson of universe , this is the mirror ,  we are learning that we can choose what versions of reality we want to experience, individually and collectively.

Always remember though , no matter what happens , only state of being matters , so get your inner house in order , and find that place inside that can not be touched by outer circumstances , know it , feel it , this is first source , the eye of the storm , where there is an absolute knowing , that your are infinite consciousness playing the part of being human and you can never be destroyed , ever.

Knowing that , really makes “all of this” pretty much just nonsense , noise , no impact, unless of course you plan on going to the olympics , but I would suggest staying clear, never know when one of those Rocket Launchers they brought in might go off accidentally…oops   .

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