Right to Bear Arms and Groceries

With all the shootings going on recently in the United State this year , the conspiracy mills have been shouting that the shootings are all staged so that the Powers That Be can use it as an excuse to disarm the American People.

So lets take a look at this from the perspective of the aware observer, the aware observer simply looks at the data , without any filtering , it simply  “is what it is”.

So the first question is , were the shootings staged ,  were the perpetrators , coerced, manipulated , aided by alphabet agencies as suggested by the alternative news agencies .

There does appear to be some red flags around the recent shootings which would lead one to believe that yes , things may not be what they seem.

However if the purpose of these staged events is to put pressure on the second amendment , all I have to say is the plan is a complete failure, like many of the plots to enslave humanity out there , eugenics for example , let see now , over 6 billion people on the planet, hmm…, not saying they aren’t trying , just saying that they are failing.

Ok conspiracy lovers, just looking at the facts here, keep reading, not debunking conspiracies, lets just get them right, yes there are conspiracies, however sometimes the conspiracy may be a case of reverse psychology, and here’s what I mean.

Personally I don’t  believe the powers that be want to take our weapons, first off they know it “aint gonna happen” so why bother perusing it, it’s an exercise in futility .

The more I look at the simple facts , another possibility makes a lot more sense form their perspective , and it starts at WalMart, yes WalMart  is quickly becoming the largest Arms dealers in the World.

As I was making my way across a WalMart store recently on the way to the grocery section to do some shopping, I paused at the sporting goods section to peruse the guns and ammo section , and to my surprise there was what looked like an assault riffle in the little rotating glass display gun rack.

At first I thought it one of those .22 caliber knock offs that look like assault rifles , then I saw the price tag of $900 and I looked closer and saw that it was a .223 caliber and I was blown away , pun intended.

As I stood there in the sporting goods section of a super Walmart , I was looking at a Military grade assault rifle for sell, one capable of firing the Nato Rounds,I presume ,  in fact,  in the Walmart description it uses the term Nato , and boasts a 30 round capacity.

Now tell me they are trying to disarm the American People . How many Walmart stores are there in the United States.  The rifle I am speaking of is made by an American Manufacture Sig Sauer, nope, it’s not made n China !

The M400 is advertised as a Military grade, tactical rifle, made for military operations and law enforcement. I just noticed the addition of this weapon in their inventory as of August 2012 , I believe it hit the stores sometime this summer, I did a bit of research on the web and it seems to collaborate this.

So what does this tell us, remember now , we are aware observers so no agendas,   no filtering , no conspiracy, no 2nd amendment nonsense, well,  it tells me gun control is a non-issue. If the powers that be were really in control, and they really wanted to keep guns out of the public hand, then they are clearly “more “impotent than suspected, their nefarious plans are a complete failure.

Anyone who walks into a Walmart can buy an assault rifle and groceries , all in the same outing.

So their are a couple of possibilities here, one is that the so called Powers that Be or PTB to use a common acronym, are really not in total control, I tend to lean towards this opinion, they may want to be in control , but their not, the universe is a big place, even planet earth is a lot to keep track of.

The other possibility is that they want us to have guns , as many we can get our hands , so that we can just shoot each other when the shit hits the fan and all hell breaks loose where rioting and chaos take over society and life becomes survival of the fittest and the best armed, perhaps the public  having easy , cheap , access to military grade weapons will keep the police and military busy when the hungry hoards come over the hill.

Or, perhaps , and this is where I tend to reside in opinion , theory, it’s another case of universe using everything.  A gun manufacture like Sig makes a quality weapon at an affordable price, that makes a great addition to Walmarts inventory, both companies get to “make money”  and make a profit, this their sole motivation, simple and clear, no conspiracy.

The ability for more of  the general public to own a military grade assault rifle , just puts more strain on the efforts of the expanding police state , its a counter move by universe, its a way to tip the scales ,  its just the way universe works, well that’s my theory , no conspiracy , no drama , just simple physics, and self organizing universe.

So all in all,  its a positive sign, that says , no one is really in control and all will work itself out, that the human beings within the land mass we call the United States, are still have more freedom than anywhere in the world, and if need be we can protect our freedom from any illegitimate form of control or government…” if ” it comes to that, perhaps it wont have to if the threat of a ” Well Armed Humanity ” is there , perhaps …

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