Corporatocracy Unveiled

The term Corporatocracy is a fairly new term showing up again in the collective , so new, my spell checker keeps going off.  I can ignore my spell checker , but it’s impossible to ignore the effect that the Corporatocracy has had on this planet.

In the end, it’s simply a word , a word used to describe a type of construct, a type of paradigm that has taken hold of human civilization.

It basically means that corporations are the new rulers of this planet, we went from religions running things, to world leaders and governments, and now its the mega corporations.

And the type of capitalism practiced within the Corporatocracy is Predatory Capitalism. This is the type of capitalism that has only one purpose …”Profits” , no matter what the cost in human life or environmental destruction.

So again we ask , is this the best we can do, is this what we want, if your sane and awake , and taking responsibility for your part in this co creative experience , the answer of course is no, the challenge however is coming up with something different.

We were all born into this “system” this isn’t something that just happened in the last few years.

So what can we do ?

We can see it for what it is, that’s the first step, it’s a failed system, we can’t go on this way for ever , obviously.  So if you believe that to be true , stop supporting it, stop voting at the polls for the red or blue team, both are bought and paid for puppets of the mega corporations.

The power is at the local level , we have technology that will allow us to maintain communication on a global scale , the global village, we do not “need” the consolidation of power through mega corporations and their paid for politicians to have an organized society.

We do not need “them” to function as a society , we do not need “Big Daddy” to take care of us , as long as we are willing to take responsibility for ourselves, quit giving your power away, and of course therein lies the key to all of it.

Very few people want to take responsibility, most people , as crazy as it sounds, would rather give up their power , than take responsibility , hence the reason for the immense popularity of government, religions , “Crutch Constructs ” which are both really under the umbrella of mega corporations , the Corporatocracy!

So again we are back to square one, the place all roads, and rabbit holes lead to , the fact that nothing will change in the “outer world” until we change our inner world , both individually and and collectively, we need to clean our inner houses, we need to do the shadow work on ourselves first and foremost.

The construct we call Corporatocracy will not survive in a reality where we are aware of it, and have made a conscious choice not to support it.

And by taking action and responsibility any way we can , in any given moment towards that goal , will act as a reprogramming if you will , a rewriting of the script, that needs to occur, so that universe can support us in finding new solutions new ways in which to organize.

However we must allow it , by consciously being aware of what we want ,and more importantly what we do not want in our new collective, and as individual aspects of “all that is “.

The concept of a Corporatocracy is not a conspiracy theory , it’s not even a conspiracy , it’s simply the way things are , that’s it , so lets move forward.

In the video below John Perkins a former “Economic Hitman”  lays out all the intricacies of our modern day Corporatocracy.

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