Energy Flows Where Consciousness Goes

Energy Flows Where Consciousness Goes !  Energy Flows Where Consciousness Goes !  This is a useful mantra to remember as you go about your daily routines.

This is a practical way to apply your new found awareness as you awaken to the larger reality that we are an integral part of, this is what the Apocalypse is all about , its another way to redefine who and what we are.

The idea behind this mantra is that what you experience in your life is directly related to what you “believe” to be true. Change your beliefs and you change your life, your experiences.

As consciousness we have the ability to create templates of what we would like to be , what we would like to experience. From a greater perspective , the “human” being and all of the physical universe is a template created by the larger consciousness system for a type of experience .

We are subsets or fractals of a larger system , when we create a template , when we create a space to be filled , energy will flow into that space , that template , where ever consciousness goes in expectation of seeing , of finding , guess what , there it is !

Now it may not be instantaneous , especially in the physical universe where our physical bodies are bound by the Laws of Nature , the rules of the game , the simulation.

These rules , these limitations are what makes  physicality more interesting , more  challenging, and why there is so much potential for unprecedented growth here , this is a cosmic training ground for consciousness.

So again the practical application to put into action here is to  realize that universe supports us in every way , however “it”  makes no distinction between good or bad, positive or negative, that’s up to us, that’s what choice is , what free will is , where ever we focus our attention , our consciousness, energy will  flow there and manifest.

This happens on an individual level and in our collective reality, which is why some have called our present paradigm , fear based, or that there is a war on consciousness taking place, and to some degree it can be seen that way , however remember it’s always our choice what we are focusing on, so don’t get caught in the trap of believing the outer world has any control over you in anyway.

This is the time to get clear about what we want and what we do not want, as the energy levels increase during this awakening process, this Apocalypse, your life can become your highest joy , or your worst nightmare, its just a choice.

Think of yourself as a universe, do you want your universe to be moving towards love and empathy,  energies that unify and ensure the survival of your universe , or towards fear and polarity , energies that polarize and increase entropy.

So Remember Energy Flows Where Consciousness Goes !

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