Apocalypse How: Crutch Constructs

Crutch Constructs, the process of  trading your  power and  freedom , for someone else to take responsibility. Crutch Constructs is just a term I am coining  for fun here at Apocalypse How , for amusement to illustrate an idea , about the nature of many of the institutions on earth , such as Governments and Religions.

From the persepctive of source consciousness, what we call physicality is really just a virtual reality, a construct , that consciousness has created for a type of experience.

These virtual realities or constructs exist within what could be called the larger consciousness system , or the consciousness ecosystem if you will. Of course all of these are just words to describe aspects of “All That is”.

There is an argument to made for the usefulness of what we might think of as negative constructs, like governments and religions. The purpose of these constructs or programs is to give us a working frame work to have all kinds of experiences.

However like any construct , or system , when they become corrupted , when they become fear based, they increase their entropy, they lose their structural integrity, we see this now in our financial and political constructs.

They are no longer serving us in our best interest , they have taken on a life of their own and are actually causing harm , they have run a muck so to speak , and will collapse on their own, it’s inevitable.

So if you want to be ahead of the curve  it’s time we throw our crutches away and take responsibility individually and collectively, for our thoughts our deeds and most importantly our actions.

It’s time to get rid of all the crutches and rise up ,  with our  feet firmly planted on the ground .

Its time to Stand Up !

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