Apocalypse How: Patrick Geryl

We are nearing the end of 2012 , and guess what , we are all still here. I find it very amusing all the hype about 2012 being the end of the world, and no one has put more on the line than Patrick Geryl , the poster child for cataclysmic earth changes.

I remember seeing him pop up on my radar screen 3 years ago in an interview with Project Camelot.   Wow …3 years ago, seems almost like another lifetime, so much has happened, so much internal growth and expansion.

I’m not bashing the doom and gloom sect here, much of their information does have basis for the possibility of severe earth changes, it’s all happened before, planetary alignments, solar cycles, magnetic pole shifts , its all documented in earths history , in the very rocks we live on.

I’m just wondering why we focus on it , how can anyone really prepare for the “End of The World”. That seems a bit like an oxymoron , a contradiction in terms , a paradox.

What if one of the reasons for our awakening , is to see that yes these thing have happened in the past, thank you Patrick Geryl and others for your research and hard work in pointing that out to us, but we choose a different path, a different experience this time around.

In Patrick’s world the end will be coming soon , in fact in just a couple months it will all be over, he is sticking to the December 21st 2012 date as the end , this is one of the dates that relates to the Mayan Calendar.

Part of the awakening process for many of us has been this increase in awareness of earths cataclysmic history. One thing we should probably remember , it was only the flora and fauna that perished during these events, Earth was just fine afterwards, and has continued for billions of years.

So the doomers should at least modify the term end of the world , to the End of Mankind, if they are to continue their propaganda, especially as we move into 2013 , 2014 and beyond, so that at least the terminology  makes sense.

In just the last 4 years during my awakening process, I have seen the date continually get pushed forward for all types of events from economic collapse , to world war 3, and yet here we are , business as usual , stranger perhaps , but pretty much the same.

Some of the 2012 end of the worlders are already planning for next years book sales, seminars, and DVD sales,  by pushing the earth changes to 2013 and beyond, not even trying to predict a date anymore, simply milking the public’s fascination with catastrophe.

All one has to do is just look at the Television Programming and Hollywood movies to get a glimpse of the popularity of  Alien Invasion, World ward 3 , and Post Apocalyptic scenarios , to see what the human psyche is being indoctrinated with.

People just seem to love it , which is why the Patrick Geryl’s, Alex Jones’s , Michael Ruppert’s, Gerald Celente’s of the world continue to make a living spewing the Doom and Gloom, and that’s OK.

They serve a purpose, they get us to see things from another persepctive, they bring more information , more data into the simulation for us to play with.

Lets remember however , that it is just information, for each of us to interpret however we choose, and it’s our interpretation that ultimately manifests as our actual experience here in 3d physicality, so don’t get too caught up in it.

Again this is not  bashing  those that choose the path of destruction, destruction is everywhere , creative destruction is the nature of this particular reality we find ourselves in , its at the very core of  how this universe operates, we breath in we breath out, we live , we die, this is the game , but it’s not what “We’ are , it’s only what we are experiencing.

I  guess in the end , it’s all about resonance , many people right now are in such dire straights economically , spiritually , and otherwise, that they actually would prefer to see the end of our current civilization, perhaps even the end of their life, the only way out of their madness.

However once you realize that you are consciousness exploring a virtual reality , then it really  becomes irrelevant as to what is going to happen , you tend to live in the moment and you  more easily navigate through the simulation, with out fear for your survival.

Survival is not an issue , we are here simply to learn , and to move towards love. To get some ideas on how to change your perception , your definition of what “Real” is , check out the video below that works towards illustrating the idea that we are not physical beings.

And if we are not physical then why worry about the end of anything !  It’s all just an experience ! And once we know this form our heart, we can choose what we want to experience, so don’t allow anyone to choose for you, which is why I don’t see the point in all the doom and gloom projecting by these people like Patrick Geryl, it’s not productive.

If you want to focus on something , focus on cleaning your inner house, so that you are not projecting garbage into the collective field of experience , if everyone did that , it would be the end of the world …as we know it .

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