Apocalypse How: A Safe Place

Well here we are in the last days of 2012 , and while Nibiru hasn’t shown up yet, we have had quite a bit of excitement over the last few years in regards to earthquakes, extreme weather , increased solar activity , plenty of  high strangeness.

But …hey …we are all still here , well most of us, yes we have taken some casualties, but hell, people are dying every day, in automobile  accidents , wars, disease , skydiving, old age , earth quakes, tsunamis, boredom , hurricanes, tornadoes, and list goes on of ways in which we can leave the building, kick the bucket, check out.

So I find interesting how people will talk about moving to a safe place , sure there are places that are perhaps “safer” than others , and I can empathize with these feelings, especially as I watch Hurricane Sandy bare down on the east coast and the earthquake storm  in British Columbia.

However , at some point you just have to make your stand , and stay put, none of us know what is going to happen, as long as you live from love, listen to your heart , your higher self , you will be in the right ” Place  ” at the right time.

I live in a beautiful place , and understand the risks of  living in paradise, however I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else , and I’m sure others feel that way as well , we would rather die in paradise than survive in hell .

Of course survival is not really an issue , we are all going to survive , death is simply a transition, I suspect you can come back and play the game again anytime you like , with 7 billion people on the planet it seems to be quite the popular entertainment around the cosmos.

So don’t get caught up in the fear, no matter what “happens” remember only state of being matters, if a tsunami smacks you in the head, yes you will die , but in reality you will just be waking up , and you can have a good laugh!

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