Apocalypse How: Wrestling VS Politics

Are you ready to rumble ! Yes its about that time and your favorite wrestler , I mean politician is getting ready for the fight of his life…not !

Do you know what the difference is between politics and wrestling …nothing!

It’s all theater , two guys get in the ring , they are both dressed in fancy suits ,or tights , they both talk a good game , and say all the right things.

Then comes election day , the final bout ,and one of them walks away the victor , and in the case of presidential elections the newly appointed president , becomes the so called leader of the free world , which is a bit like a cartoon character , or a wrestler , same thing , can you say Hulk Hogan.

No matter how much I would like to think there is a mass awakening going on , I can’t help but come to the conclusion, that this is obviously not the case. Yes many people are waking up , or growing up is probably a better term, but not on a mass scale.

How do I know this , because people are still going out and voting by the millions, people still actually believe in the false left right paradigm, they still believe politicians actually wield some sort of power , and have their best interest at heart.

When it comes to politics the level of brainwashing and indoctrination is quite astounding. Republicans and Democrats who were fed up with previous administrations , are furiously voting for their next savior , as if something will actually change this time around.

Is their memory that bad , they can’t remember where we were 4 years, 8 years ago, 12 years ago. They still line up to cast their votes for their favorite actor , their favorite wrestler.

And at the end of the match or election cycle, as the spectators go home waving their flags and wearing their T shirts, the fight promoters, count their cash , and the power elite savor the emotional booty they have gleaned from the masses , and the beat goes on.

After the big fight , as the dust settles , as the illusion of choice waxes and wanes , the wars go on , the corruption goes on , the killing goes on , the injustice goes on , nothing really changes out there , in the world of politics, it’s all just theater.

So why do people buy into the whole political process, perhaps it’s a crutch ,  a way to give some one else the responsibility.

Maybe in some distant past , their was a working political process,  where normal people held office for a bit to do their part for the community , to be part of the process of organizing the collective towards mutually beneficial goals.

But now , in a world of Corporatocracy , and professional , life long politicians,  there is little distinction between government and corporations ,  between politicians and actors , or between Wrestling and Politics…it’s all Theater !

So when someone asks you , why you don’t vote , just ask them ” how old are you ?

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