Apocalypse How: Learning To Trust

We have all heard the old saying , we need to learn to trust.  I would suggest that its not so much that we need to learn to trust , it’s more about discernment,  in what we are trusting in.

Learning how to trust is not really the issue, we trust every day that there will be air to breath , that there will be food on our tables, that the earth will continue to spin on its axis so that we don’t go flying off into space, the list goes on of things we take for granted , things we trust will always be there.

And this is as it should be, we exist in an infinitely abundant universe , we are each a fractal aspect of universe , you can not separate us form the universe , we are consciousness creating the universe.

However as consciousness beings , we have chosen to have experiences.  And one type of experience we are having is life on planet earth , physicality , the experience of being “human”, with all its wonders and challenges, we do this not becasue we have to , we do it because we can !

So why not make the best of it , the most of it , that’s what the awakening process is all about , its about creating a better quality of experience , of life, and this can be achieved , this can be aided by learning “What ” to trust in.

So many people trust in things that are simply smoke and mirrors, for example politics, this is a prime example, since it is so relevant today , the day after the 2012 elections !

I saw so many people today with frowns on their face becasue they feel that they have been let down by the system , because their candidate didn’t win the election , they feel hopeless , they feel the future is uncertain , bleak , with no change in sight.

Depression begins to set in , resentment , anger , hopelessness about the situation of the country , and the world for that matter, the stock market dropped 300 points and there was an air of sadness for many who “Trust ” in the construct know as politics.

For those of us who have no belief , put no energy into these types of constructs , its simply another beautiful day , another day to explore ways in which we can be more representative of our true self , our authentic self, we didn’t miss a step , our day was filled with challenge and joy and opportunity for growth and expansion.

It’s time we learn to trust in ourselves, it’s time we learn to trust in life , the universe, higher self, after all we know they will be there, other wise we wouldn’t even exists.

These old paradigms , these old constructs like the Monetary system , the banking system , politics, and the rest of  the societal systems are crumbling under the weight of their corruption and  greed, they no longer serve us.

So “Why ” would you trust them ? Why would anyone trust in these systems, it makes no sense , however it’s not something everyone is willing to let go of , so we must respect their , their process.

However if you want to be free , really free , start looking at what your trusting in , after all this is your simulation dam it , play the game how you want to , make up your own rules , learn to exploit your power of creation.

Trust in yourself !

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