The Holographic Universe

The Holographic Universe is another excellent way to explore the nature of nature. The idea that reality , or in this case what we call the physical universe is holographic in nature.

So that sounds cool , but what does it really mean, how does this enrich our experience, what is the practical application of this idea, this concept, how can it be used to expand our perception of reality.

The image above gives us a very visual representation of the concept of the Micro and the Macro, or “As above so Below” . In other words every aspect of the physical universe contains a part of the whole . We see this everywhere in nature with patterns , and shapes what we call sacred geometry.

However the Comparison between the Brain Cell and the Universe is an absolutely perfect example and has always inspired and fascinated me to no end.

The images above as are as follows, the one of the universe is a computer generated of course, based on our current understanding of the physical structure of universe, this is a small section cropped out.

Now here is where it gets fascinating, each of the wispy filaments in the image of the universe are actually pathways of sorts, they are essentially galaxies flowing outward , like rivers, like blood vessels, and the areas that are thicker , or knots , are even larger concentrations of galaxies , galaxy clusters and so on.

The scale of the universe , from our perspective is seemingly infinite , however, infinity is simply a mathematical concept when we are talking about virtual realities like our physical universe , remember these virtual realities we explore are simply subsets of an even greater reality, subsets of a larger consciousness system.

Now at the other end of the spectrum, the Microcosm,  we have the image of the Brain cell, what it looks like under an electron microscope, and as you can see , the “Pattern” is the same. This is an example of the holographic nature of reality.

Inside our physical brains you can find the very same pattern or blueprint that makes up the entire universe. So when we say that each of us is a universe , this is not a metaphor, we are the personification of universe.

There are so many examples of this in nature, a spiral galaxy and a hurricane viewed form space, while a hurricane is quite large, it would still be considered the Microcosm compared to an entire galaxy.

And of course the atoms that make up the cells of your brain , are micro solar systems , with the nucleus representing the sun and the protons and electrons and so forth representing the planets .

So perhaps , our entire universe exists in the brain cell of another being , who is dreaming , contemplating the nature of it’s reality and wondering how big does it really get , which leads us back to the point , how does this help us, how does this perspective empower us.

Well , when you start seeing these patterns in the Matrix, when start to see the holographic or virtual nature of reality , and  you realize , that the entire universe resides within you , that you are universe, that consciousness creates the universe and that ultimately we are consciousness, it will in a sense relieve you of your duties.

What do I mean by this , it will allow you,  in a sense to surrender. Surrender your misconceptions about who and what you are. It will put a proper perspective on your life here on planet earth.

When you start living each day from this perspective it becomes very difficult to take things too seriously , things like careers, politics, goals , plans, accomplishments, material wealth , stature in your community and so on.

All of these attributes , what we call societal programming , start to fall away , this is the unveiling, this is the purpose of the Apocalypse.

The benefit from understanding this , from living life with this understanding , is a return to a child like wonder of the universe , where everything is possible , a renewal of energies, and a shedding of old beliefs and limitations.

It allows you to live each moment , each day of your life , “Knowing” that no matter what is “Happening” your going to be OK !

It teaches you that your state of being is all that matters,  its your state of being that determines what you experiences will be. So enjoy the Matrix, enjoy the virtual reality , enjoy the exploration of all that is , because … it’s you !

So let it all go , surrender , there is nothing you have to do , just open your heart , and lets take a Tour Through Reality!

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