Apocalypse How: High Conduct

As we move forward, deeper into the Apocalypse , as we go about our daily routine, no matter how mundane , no matter how trivial it may seem , we need to conduct ourselves with the highest of conduct.

This means all of the empathy, understanding and unconditional love that we can muster for our fellow human beings , and for ourselves, especially during times of intense adversity.

We are the reason “we” are here , relationships are the reason “we” are here, there is no other purpose. Yes there are many shiny toys to play with here in physicality , but in the end all materials things will loose their novelty and luster ,because  in reality,  all of physicality is inside of us , there is no out there.

If you want to change the direction of your life you have to start with yourself, forget all the outer circumstances, they are all a distraction from taking responsibility for yourself.

Our conduct is how we can change the world , if we can live a life of High Conduct , we can be living templates that others can learn from , can emulate , as they see that good behavior breeds , abundance , synchronicity , joy and fulfillment , not only of this world , but in all worlds , all levels of being, this is what balance is all about.

The more awake , the more expanded you become , the more balanced you become , and this balanced state of being is a powerful influence on the Larger Consciousness System.

High conduct is not about being falsely altruistic, it’s not about a forced moral obligation , in fact it has nothing to do with morality, it’s about being authentic, its about taking responsibility for your self , and allowing others to express their self in any manner they choose without judgment , as long as their actions are not impacting you negatively.

It’s a live and let live perspective !

There are many people who get wrapped up in “Helping” others , to the point they are actually doing a disservice, or worse they become enablers for bad behavior,  stunting the growth of others , who would be much better off  making their own mistakes and learning from them , that’s why we are here.

In fact I would argue that high conduct has less to do with helping others and more to do with getting your own inner house in order so that you are not projecting your own garbage into the collective.

When we go about our day , as we interact with others , if we can simply be authentic , true to ourselves , and not allow our own fears to be part of our decision making , not to color our perception of what is true, and not to control our state of being, then we are on the right path to higher conductivity.

In this electric universe High Conduct equates to High Conductivity , meaning the ability to carry more creative power into this sphere of experiential reality we call planet earth.

High Conduct is an attribute of the Elegant Warrior.

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