Russellian Science 101: A Holy Science

After discovering Matt Presti and Robert Otey’s video series a few weeks ago, I have become very interested with the works of Walter Russell.

Russellian Science describes a universe created by the mind of god, a thought universe, where we , as fractals of all that is , come to know ourselves.

For those of us who have a passion to explore , to expand , I highly recommend checking it out to see what resonates , to see if any thing jumps out , for me it was sacred geometry, and the holographic aspect of this virtual reality .

I was immediately attracted to this New Cosmology, this Holy Science , becasue it doesn’t separate the creator from the creation, and it fits in nicely with my current perspective of reality, although I allow that to change , as longs as it leads towards empowerment and expansion.

I don’t see any point in fear based constructs, like our current main stream science that we are all indoctrinated with in our so called school systems, ,  where we are told that we are simply physical animals , that evolved from pond scum and when we die that’s it , game over, can’t get anymore limited or fear based than that.

And religion is no better , just another control mechanism , that has mankind  believing he is separate from god, or source and only a privileged few have the key to eternity, what a joke, and the costumes those guys where, awe the pageantry.

That’s why I call this a Holy Science, becasue it endeavors to explore  the universe in a way that’s inclusive , it’s about inclusion versus exclusion, it illustrates a universe where man is both creator and creation, there is no separation, it is truly a unified theory , as it acts to unify , just like love.

Human beings are both the creators and the creation , creation is simply our reflection, the reflection of god , all that is .

Unification  is at the heart of  Russellian Science , and while it’s still difficult for me to articulate in words , exactly what I am getting out of his work ,  I can still  “know” and “feel”  it’s truth, becasue , there are no complex math equations required.

Its a science that is best explored with an open heart, leave your ego at the door , it’s not for those that require being part of the status quo.

Rhythmic Balanced Interchange is at the core ,  is not about staring at a chalk board full of  math symbols, it’s a living breathing science that is more about love and giving than religion is.

Walter Russell uses the term god quite frequently in his work , however , he is not talking about a separate god , as preached by religions, he uses the term god , as many of us would use the term “universe” , or “all that is” , so don’t allow that to throw you off track.

I wanted to create a series on this subject , not with the intention of presenting any new insights on his work ,  I simply wanted to share what it means to me , what I am getting out of it , from a layman’s persepctive.

So welcome to Russellian Science 101 !

The  video below is from the series by Matt and Robert, the best on the internet on this subject. They say a picture is worth a thousand words , well these videos , with their graphic imagery, convey volumes.

In this video we get into concepts like , light lenses that are the  building blocks of matter , the vortex solar system, and the sun as the prime creator in our local system , its essentially the power source for us to use to create with , of course all of it is within the mind of god, within each of us.

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