Apocalypse How: Blind Faith

When we talk about faith on this planet, most people attach some sort of religious connotation to the word ,and practice sort of a blind faith in some unknown god that looks down from heaven and watches over them.

However there is another type of faith, one that is not blind , one that knows,  that ultimately,  the only faith  you really need is in your self .

When you have faith in your self , backed up by action , and know that universe will support you , with no expectations about the outcome , this is real faith , this is ” being empowered ” !

This is quite literally a “being’ that’s empowered.

And this is where the story begins, the control system we will call it , is designed to dis – empower, to take power away from beings like you and I , and the best way to do that is by convincing us to place our faith,  our power , outside of ourselves.

Now , all that said, I don’t believe we are victims , I refuse to explore the nature of reality through the eyes of a victim. I see it more like a game we play , and yes it is a very challenging game , but of course it would have to be considering the players, it can’t be easy, and it has to be nearly infinite in it’s scope.

So,  from this perspective , if you want to get better at the game , here is a tip , do not take anything on Blind Faith !  Yes its fascinating to explore all the various theories , and ideas that are floating around during this awakening process , but make sure to let your heart do the filtering, practice discernment .

If you do this , you will begin to  feel the truths that are there for you , there will be an inner knowing that does not require confirmation form the outside world or your ego to be valid, simply follow your joy.

Beside Blind Faith is only cool if its a rock band.

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