Shootings: The New False Flag

Theaters, Churches, Schools , Malls , everywhere people gather , they are being shot down , slaughtered. Where is this darkness coming from?

What does this tell us ?  Obviously there is another layer to this horrible nightmare, so what is “their” agenda ?

Anyone who is awake, the aware observer , can see that these are staged events.

However many people get caught up in believing that the Powers that Be stage these events to use them as an excuse to eliminate the 2nd amendment and take away the guns from the populace , leaving us vulnerable to the ever increasing police state, this is the typical response.

However I think they are off the mark here ,perhaps in certain parts of the country this is being played out a bit , however if that were really the plan so to speak , how come we have more guns than ever before , and more access to military grade weapons than ever before and yet still no sign of any national gun control taking root, not advocating “anything” here , just looking at data .

In fact Walmart the nations largest gun dealer , boasted a gain of 76% in gun revenue for 2012 , even advertising a Sig Sauer M400 as one of  its ” Black Friday ” specials , giving the zombie shoppers a $50 discount, and arming them as well.

Wow…this planet is really getting strange !

To the aware observer it just seems like a continuation of the divide and conquer scam that the ruling class have been using on the human race for thousands of years on this planet.

Of course from a larger perspective we are not victims here, we are simply allowing ourselves to be manipulated becasue we lack the quality of consciousness that would make this sort of thing impossible.

So the real issue is not about gun control ,or guns, or shooting , or murdering of innocence  its about acknowledging that we have a large part of humanity who are completely blind to the nature of this simulation , this virtual reality, and are getting their butts kicked.

I would suggest  the purpose of these shootings is for one reason and one reason only , to continue to divide the masses , so that they fight against each other , and keep their focus on issues like gun control , the 2nd amendment , abortion , and the list goes on of meaningless issues to keep people entertained and glues to the television, and arguing amongst themselves.

It is meant to dis empower , to drain the power away , to be vampired off , to use an electrical term , for others to use.

What is the solution ?  Love Based Being !   When you are living from love, you will  break through the veils of illusion and start to see things as they truly are, its about growing up , there is no Santa Clause or Easter Bunny , or leaders of free worlds , its all BS .

So there is nothing evil about guns, there is nothing evil about money , the problem is us , guns don’t kill people as the cliche goes, money doesn’t make people evil , the evil is already their , in us, there is no out there .

All anyone can do is go within and clean their own mess up , do the shadow work on themselves, running out in the street with signs about gun control , or supporting the second amendment , and yelling and screaming changes …Nothing !

So don’t get caught up in the drama , the illusion , use love to cut through the veil like a knife though butter and see things for exactly what they are , and this case , its just another false flag event staged to manipulate humanity , by an elite few , and I use the term elite loosely , for their own agenda , which is of course , drum roll here …Control !

Anyone who seeks control is in fear and living from fear !

Here is a video that illustrates exactly what I am talking about , Dr Paul Craig Roberts, who I like , speaks his mind , and I generally agree with his basic perspective.  However he only takes it so far , he is looking at the smaller geopolitical aspect of things, while we are looking at a much larger persepctive.

He is falling into the illusion that this is about taking our guns away , where I suggest that false flag events like shootings, wars, bombings are being staged to do exactly what they are doing , divide and conquer, yes there is a police state , however I don’t think they care about us having guns, obviously , becasue we have plenty of them !

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