Apocalypse How: 1913 -2013 The 100 Year Plan

As an aware observer it is fairly obvious to pick out the patterns that occur here in physicality , in this virtual reality system that appears digital in nature.

Without getting into specifics or details , I find it interesting to look at the 100 year period that stretches from 1913 -2013.

It appears we are at the end game of  a  long term plan by the so called power elite, you know the ones that run things, the owners,  we don’t really know their names , however they are sometimes referred to by some researchers as the 13 families, the bloodlines, see there is the number 13 again.

It appears that the number 13 is their calling card, their lucking number, which is probably why it has always been experienced  as our unlucky number , whats good for them is usually not good for the rest of us, you know the other  99%, the useless eaters as they supposedly call us.

Of course from a larger persepctive there is no us or them , however for the purpose of expansion, and awareness  we are zooming in here and looking at the game board , the players, the pieces and the individual squares, to get a better understanding of where we are right now , in this moment , and what we are dealing with.

Most of us are now aware that in 1913 the federal reserve was created on the famous Jekyll Island and from that point on all manner of control mechanisms have been implemented here in the United States as well as the rest of the world.

If you just look at the data it appears that even the concept and creation of the United States always had the signature of these ruling Elite written into the script, for example the 13 colonies being the first vestige of what is now America, there is that number 13 again.

Even the federal Reserve Logo as seen above has 13 leaves on the left side of the insignia. And of course we have the infamous Friday the 13th , which some say is a remnant from that day in 1306 when France captured and tortured the Nights Templar.

Of course from a greater perspective they are just numbers and like anything , they have no power except that which we clothe them with , we as consciousness create all manner of illusions for our entertainment, and exploration.

However those that seek to control , those that live from fear instead of love, this is how they survive , they have to constantly manipulate the systems , and find ways to vampire power off of others , so from that perspective it’s helpful to understand how they operate and what motivates them.

These bloodlines , the blue bloods as they used to be called have the unique capability to make long term plans , becasue they hold most of the wealth on this planet and can hold on to the power over long periods of time via generations of  family lineage, so we are talking about hundreds perhaps thousands of years.

So a 100 year plan is practically a walk in the park for these guys , however for most of humanity , 100 years is more than enough time to live and die , never really understanding the bigger picture , the larger reality , so the totalitarian tiptoe goes on , day in and day out.

As we enter the new year 2013 , many of us are  curious if  its going to be an unlucky year , with the fiscal cliff, economic uncertainty , the exploding police state , wars and rumors of wars , what is to become of us , will 2013 actually be 2012 , was 2012 just a red herring to get the attention of the masses, while the real storm is brewing.

From the perspective of the aware observer, with no bias , no emotion , no hopes and no fears, just looking at data and trying to perceive it with no filtering of my own, this is what I see.

It does appear that their 100 year plan is a bit behind schedule , or maybe its right on time , we don’t know , it will be interesting to see what 2013 holds for us on a collective level .

I don’t see any real change out there , in the consensus reality as we call it  , just more of the same and that’s OK. Why ?

Because I no longer  look for change in the outer world , I an more interested in how I react to it, this is where the greatest opportunities for growth can occur as individuals , as long as we as individuals can continue to live from love , no matter what the outer circumstances , then we “know” we have ascended, we have expanded, we have passed the test so to speak.

We know we have become the vibration that we are most in alignment with , which allows us to shift to versions of reality that we prefer, remember we cannot experience that which we are not the vibration of.

So if 2012 was anything, perhaps it was a pivotal point in our awakening process where we realized we had the power to choose what version of earth we want to be part of , what type of 2013 we want to manifest, remember energy flows where consciousness goes !

Some very interesting insight on 2013 in the video below , listen to the whole thing.

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