Apocalypse How: The Shift

The interesting thing about a paradigm shift is that its never quite what you think its going to be ! Man… aint that the truth !

Well here we are post 2012 , we are roughly at the half way point of the 5 year period of 2010 – 2015.

This 5 year period is major shift period , a period that is allowing each of us to take advantage of the increase in vibrational energy, what we do with this energy is entirely up to us.

We can use it , to shift ourselves , into whatever preferred vibration we choose. It can be joyous , or it can be nightmarish, or a little of both, its up to each of us to make that choice.

One thing is for sure, from personal experience , if your holding on to any baggage, at all , even the smallest of carry on luggage , it will become more and more difficult to do so and remain authentic to your true vibration , your true self.

Now is the time to let go , of everything, old beliefs , old definitions of who and what you are, and allow yourself to just be , to surrender to higher self and know that you are infinite ,and in a state of perfection , and that each and every moment you are exactly where you should be , to have the experiences you need.

It’s a time when living in the moment is paramount , the most important attribute of your state of being ,  not worrying about the future, not dwelling on the past , so that you can be a clear and open channel for source energy to flow through you and to guide you in navigating these challenging times filled with incredible adversity and joy.

If you can learn to do this , the adversity becomes joyful and you can start to see the gift that it is. Because it’s the  challenges that propel us forward on our journey , it gives us the opportunity to choose between love and fear.

In the world “Out There” , where bills must be paid, obligations must be met, we are constantly bombarded with the fear based paradigms that exists in our consensus based reality.

The key is how we react to it , nothing is an event , nothing is negative or positive , until we deem it so !

This is at the core of  “The Shift ” .  Remember we are shifting every moment from parallel reality to parallel reality .

So lets Shift !

It’s not something we need to learn to do , we are doing it now, the difference now , for many of us , is that we “know” we have a choice

We know , we are creating our own reality collectively and individually , we can choose what we want to shift to within the consensus reality and in doing so we are in a sense creating a new collective , a new consensus, that will at some point reach a threshold, a critical mass , allowing us to move away from that which we are not in vibration with.

This is co creation ,  this is what we are, what we do , creating worlds , creating realities, we are universe !

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