Apocalypse How: Chemtrails Versus Contrails Part .1

Chemtrails are the ultimate, graphic illustration , of  … ” Somethings Up ” !   What that something is,  is in wide debate now,  among those of us who have simply looked up and wondered , what the hell are they doing ?

However as fascinating and disturbing as that question is , there is an even more disturbing question , how come most of the population won’t even acknowledge their existence …even when its right in front them ?

It’s a form of denial I would assume , becasue  It’s one of the few in your face , verifiable conspiracies that is currently running, I mean you can go outside just about anywhere on the planet and see it happening on occasion , and in some places quite frequently.

And it’s not just in big cities it’s rural areas as well , so there is no escaping it , even the Hawaiian Islands are routinely getting sprayed, as is the Pacific Northwest along the Oregon coast where we routinely observe spraying in long lines parallel to the shore.

What we have observed over the last 2-3 years going back to 2010 is that we are getting these high pressure systems that linger for weeks , and block the normal flow of moisture over the Pacific Northwest during the month of January , which should be a very rainy month historically.

Chemical analysis shows the ingredients in the chemtrails is “Not” what you would not  call environmentally friendly at all.  So whatever the purpose it seems to be in contradiction to mother earths natural chemistry, it looks like someone trying to play god, without our consent.

The process is documented everywhere , patents even exist that can be found with a simple Google search, that stretch back for decades, so it’s not something new , it’s simply something that seems to have gone into full operation over the last few years.

One thing I find interesting is the the theory that they are doing it to block out harmful radiation from the sun , hence the reason for using metal particulates like aluminum oxide.

I have to say this sounds a bit familiar, remember the Sumerian’s story of the Annunaki and how they used gold dust in their planet’s atmosphere to reflect sunlight, is this an example of  monkey see , monkey do , perhaps we don’t have enough gold left, so we are stuck with the leftovers.

One thing is for sure , “It is Happening” ! So what can we do about it !  Yes this is always the question , what can the individual do !

In Part .2 of  Chemtrails Versus Contrails , we will explore what the appropriate responses might be , from the perspective of the Elegant Warrior.

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