Apocalypse How: The Missing Link

The Missing Link is another example of how mainstream science simply makes up theories when the evidence doesn’t support it’s doctrine , or perhaps dogma is more accurate.

So when questions are raised on how we get from point A to point B genetically , the Darwin based scientists made up the concept of the missing link , the bridge between humans and our ape like ancestors.

Unfortunately much of the so called science on this planet is more like religion, it requires faith , not evidence.

This is the contamination that occurs when scientists stop following the data and instead simply tow the party line  out of fear of being ostracized from their group, where tenure is more important than truth.

Awakening and Expansion cannot occur when you live in fear of loosing something , you have to be able to go where ever the data takes you… no matter what , and this is where we are , scientist , are always concerned about their funding , which is controlled by board members, politicians and those behind the curtain .

Which is why we are still burning fossil fuel.

So where is this missing link ?  It is becoming obvious that the missing link is extraterrestrial, not earth based.

For many of us this is simply a rational conclusion based on obvious historical evidence and an inner knowing that transcends intellect , something we have already processed years ago, however for many it’s not even on the radar.

With main stream television shows like Ancient Aliens on the History Channel , and the internet , the audience for this type of information is increasing exponentially, this is how universe works, it allows everyone time to process the information.

We are heading toward a global realization of who we are and where we come from , the cat is out of the bag and their is no putting it back in , it’s a necessary step in our evolution as “Human” Beings.

That being said many of us are already communicating with other beings, in our dream state , in our inner landscape , we are already making the connections , that will later help in this global process.

The Missing link is just another false construct created to maintain control , or until we were  ready for the truth , or perhaps both depending on your persepctive.

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