Apocalypse How: Chemtrail Versus Contrails Part .2

As individuated aspects of infinite consciousness ,at some point along our journeys , we awaken to the nature of the virtual reality that we find ourselves in ,and when we take the blinders off, when we take the training wheels off ,there is a point , a moment , where we find the “Balance ” and ride on , or we go crashing to the ground.

I would define crashing to the ground as allowing fear to rule your state of being, so that “everything ” becomes a conspiracy and you no longer see the positive aspect of nature working through out nature. Universe uses everything.

The Chem Trail controversy is an obvious conspiracy that anyone can see , all you have to do is ” just look up ” !    That’s all , you don’t have to “believe ” anything, its their in front of you either way.

The important thing is how you deal with this new information this new data , how do you define it and how does it effects your daily life.

Remember the vast majority of people will walk around never paying any attention to chem trails regardless if it’s right in front of them , so are we better off knowing or caring about chem trails ,  we are all breathing the same air, eating the same food , and this is clearly a global situation.

Of course the “Awakening ” crowd would argue that yes , we are always better off when we open our eyes, there is no room for denial in the heart of someone who truly wants to expand their awareness.

On the other hand once we are aware of something , and it’s not something that we can change about ourselves , we are left with a bit of a dilemma on what to do , oh what to do , we must always do something …right ?

This is where surrender may be helpful, at the end of the day we don’t really know whats going on , yes we can research , but any information we find “out there ” is suspect, the internet is not immune to manipulation, and we are just trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

One thing I don’t think is helpful is just sitting around debating about how bad it’s going to get, that doesn’t serve any purpose , although many people who start looking down the rabbit hole do just that , it becomes an addiction, an addiction to what is commonly being referred to as  fear porn.

The popularity of web sites dishing out the doom and gloom is impressive to say the least, everyone loves a good car wreck or natural disaster, or conspiracy ,  this is the focus of much of the human race, many people who start to awaken fall into this trap and I can relate to it myself, morbid fascination.

I think part of it maybe that people or so disillusioned right now that anything that distracts them form their mundane existence is a form of entertainment , a way to escape , even if its their own demise.

The only thing we can “really” do about Chem Trails is acknowledge they exist, so we are not living in denial , and acknowledge that we no longer give our consent consciously or unconsciously to this behavior ,  we no longer support who ever or what ever is perpetrating this nonsense .

And since we have to eat and breath , to the best of your ability to try and mitigate any harm to your physical body , ” Know ” that you are infinite consciousness , and that nothing holds any dominion over you , and that you will be supported in health , love and well being , do not let the darkness rule you.

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