Bashar Phenomenon: Shards Of A Fractured Mirror Part .2

In part 1. of Shards Of a Fractured Mirror we introduced Willa , a new voice coming through Bashar, who of course is a channeled by Daryl Anka , its a bit like Russian dolls , a channel, channeling a channel and so on , after a while one can see that the word channel is a bit outdated from this perspective.

From a greater reality , Daryl , Bashar and Willa are all part of the same being, at different frequencies,  just as all of humanity is really one being , fragmented into 7 billion “shards” , each reflecting back their own unique  persepctive of  reality.

Once we grow and expand beyond the idea of separateness, we are well on our way to allowing the next transformation of thought to take hold , and that is the idea that every “thing” is within all that is , all “beings” all planets, galaxies , universes, dimensions, time , space … all of it , is within each of us , we are “it” and “it” is us , no separation !

From this ” Higher Self ” Perspective true empowerment begins to take a hold , a type of empowerment that transcends every “thing”.

We start to see , that while there does “appear”  to be ideas,  we could call separateness, they are simply constructs created for the experience, they are not empirically real.

This is why,  for me,  Shards of A fractured Mirror has such a powerful resonance as an idea, metaphor, image, concept of what we are, and what “it” is all about.

As we change our definitions , we change our beliefs, and what we actually experience, we can not perceive that which we are not the vibration of , the process of expansion leads to more expansion , it’s self perpetuating , and exponential , until  it grows into a powerful vortex , with enough momentum , that it cannot be stopped !

This is what is happening to many of us as individuals , and in turn,  it is effecting the whole , or larger consciousness system for the better , as it increases complexity,  and decreases entropy, in other words it makes every “thing” more stable , less chaotic.

And a more stable , more rational consensus reality , here on earth,  is what is needed for what I believe is the next step in our awakening process , and that is , our reunion with our higher selves , our kindred souls, our time and space brothers and sisters, what ever term you want to give the other aspects, shards ,  of all that is,  that are operating on  higher frequencies.

In a way it nothing more that us getting back to our selves , it will be “experienced” as a reunion, with what Willa refers to as the “Landed Ones ” .

And to this I say , it is already happening, we are already seeing the “signs” the crafts,  in the sky , the Phoenix Lights , the triangular craft phenomenon, that is widely occurring  around the world, are these the landed ones , making their debut.

This process will be different for each of us ,   for those that are ready now , it is already happening, we are already experiencing the physical manifestations, such as craft in the sky , as well as  the inner connection with the “others” in our dream states that sometimes become lucid,  and for many , its is occurring  in what we call our waking state, after the veil is completely lifted.

The veil is simply there to allow us to go at our own pace , our own speed , vibrationally , not everyone wants to be shocked awake by the curtain that suddenly opens revealing the bright midday sun.

Much of  this process will occur on a one on one basis , this is not something the main stream , corporate owned news will want to propagate , as this process does not support their fear based agendas and control mechanisms. However you may see clips on local TV news , and there is always the potential for the MSM to try and create fear “around ” it.

In part .3 of  Shards Of a Fractured Mirror , we will discuss… well …what ever comes to mind then !

In this video below in February 2013 , lights are spotted over Eugene Oregon , they are very similar to the craft that I have been seeing in my rural area of the Oregon Coast, their first appearance for us was in the summer of 2012 , in my experience they actually morphed into what can only be described as comet like , with an exhaust tail, it was an incredible occurrence to say the least , I have no idea what it is, however the next night on the inner , in a very lucid experience ,they landed and I met them , they were what can only be described as family , friends , that vibrationally catapulted me to a level of experience, awareness, that was delightful , inspiring, healing, empowering, educational , it left me feeling more expanded, I felt connected to mother earth, and became more of who and what “I am”.

There is also another type of phenomenon if you will , that has been occurring all over the world , this particular video was taken from my deck , at our home , in a rural area of the Oregon Coast , this has been happening since 2009 , and has become a common occurrence now for us , we humorously call ourselves the orb society for fun , hey its cheap entertainment , for us and friends on a summers evening. Some are calling these plasma orbs, which I would agree is an accurate description , not saying that is what they are , it’s simply the most accurate “words” one could use. Be sure to watch the end as the plasma orb goes behind the trees , to get a better idea of the scale , trajectory , and luminosity.

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