Apocalypse How: Chemtrail Countermeasures

Well here it is 2013 , and life is challenging as ever , however I  have never felt more able to meet those challenges than I do now. The last few years have taught me one very important lesson , take it one day at a time.

And then , there are these Crazy Chemtrails …everywhere. Just a few years ago I had never even heard the term , even though they have been around for years according to those that have been documenting this conspiracy, clearly I was too busy to pay any attention to them.

So here I am circa 2013 , wide awake as never before , and I am seeing Chemtrails every where , even on movies , and TV , where there is a shot of a clear sky,  low and behold , Chemtrails are often seen, they have become part of the backdrop, like clouds , trees, and mountains.

So what can I  do about chem trails , nothing !  In fact I am beginning to think that the whole Chemtrail phenomenon is yet another test, another adversity for me to overcome. It seems the more I think about Chemtrails , the more I see them . Why yes… we attract the things we fear just as much as we attract the things we love.

I know … it sounds like I’m saying the world revolves around me… oh wait it does !   In fact I’m starting to realize the whole universe revolves around me , oh wait … I am universe … dam … lesson learned .

Which means the more I worry about something , the more I will experience it … ouch … that’s a hard lesson , but a very important one. So here is my new perspective of the whole  ” Crazy Chemtrail Conspiracy.

The hell with it !   Lets take the worse case scenarios here. Lets say chemtrails are lethal and it kills us all !   Hmmm… let see we are all going to die anyway, so whats the difference.  However based on the data , and the amount of time we have already been exposed , it’s a really lame bug spray , I mean the population keeps growing , exponentially , and I feel great , never better.

So… if it is a soft kill  conspiracy, like Fluoride,  it’s a really lame one , and proves yet again that the Evil Elite are pretty much impotent, as we have all suspected, and if it’s about weather modification , then it’s likely they will screw that up too, at which point we will see all kinds of crazy weather patterns and phenomenon… oh wait …never mind.

So I’m gonna grab a blanket , get a bottle of wine , maybe some cheese , go out in the yard , in the fresh green grass by the lake and lay back , stare up into the beautiful blue sky , and as the hazy Chemtrails pass over , high above the trees, I’m going to take a big deep breath … and smile !

Why , cause I don’t give a shite.    Nothing has any power over me that I don’t allow or consent to , nothing will steal my joy and peace any longer , it’s not working , they can spray the whole freakin sky for all I care … I’m done !  I’m just going to keep shifting , and shifting myself , until the sky clears.

Pass the cheese please !

In the video below , Bashar hints at what I am trying to articulate here , some may take offense , especially those that are spending quite a bit of time and energy bringing  this construct to  the forefront of our awakening discussion.

Have Yogic Lungs for Chemtrail Immunity!

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