Apocalypse How: Cannabis Conspiracy

I have always been amazed that Cannabis , a naturally occurring plant , or flower, that can grow virtually anywhere is so threatening to the powers that be that they actually have waged a war against it that has lasted for decades.

What is it about this seemingly harmless plant that western governments find so threatening ?  What are they afraid of ?     Well that’s easy , they are afraid of it’s effect on consciousness !

Cannabis like many of natures plants  , when used in a sacred or positive way can teach humanity, it has a certain vibrational frequency that emulates the template level reality , in a sense it is a gateway into that vibration, that can guide us, remind us how to match that vibration ,if we need a little help from time to time.

And once we are within that vibration we will find physical reality a little more flexible, malleable , and we can begin to alter and reshape our beliefs and our definitions which will in turn effect our experiences we have while we are here.

This article is coming form the persepctive of a sacred use , not simply a recreational diversion , there is a difference, not saying one is good and one is bad , they are simply different, you might say one if for expansion and the other for escape.

So when we talk about a plant that can alter perceptions ,  we are getting closer to the reason the control mechanisms on this planet or so against this plant, once a person has had a glimpse into the template level reality , new connections are made , expansion begins and perspectives can change.

Cannabis can create a state of being that is free flowing, with enhanced creativity and insight into the nature of reality , vibrationally it is feminine in nature, so it induces a loving , nurturing vibration and will act as an amplifier for the senses and emotions , it can enhance your ability to look more deeply at who and what you are.

It inspires out of the box thinking and being , it does not instill mindless following of rules and regulations, it can teach us how to  think , not what to think,  which is what most of societies indoctrination programs are based on , so in a sense it is good at deprogramming , which is in direct conflict with the current program running on this planet, which is about control with fear as the motivation.

So now we are starting  to get a glimpse at why Cannabis is in direct opposition to the current control mechanisms that are in place, what we call the consensus reality , which has been a masculine , fear based construct for many thousands of years.

Can it be used in a negative way , of course , any “thing” can be .  Alcohol , food , sex, relationships , money , exercise, knowledge , religion … and on and on,  nothing is immune to potential misuse , and it is all based on your persepctive , one mans abuse is another  mans moderation.

However even in it’s misuse or over indulgence is perhaps a better word , the worst case scenario , is perhaps lethargy, apathy , acute silliness  and a bad case of the munchies .

Here is a good example of why the control grid allows certain substances to be legal while others are not allowed , not part of the program, and it has nothing to do with their concern over our health or well being , that is pure nonsense.

During the world wars substances like cigarettes, with nicotine , coffee with caffeine  and amphetamines were all considered good and were made widely available to the troops , and the world at large embraced these as legal and necessary for the day to day operations of commerce and war, they are what make the world go round so to speak.

Keep the slaves moving and productive with these masculine , goal oriented stimulants !  Even alcohol was taboo back then , as it made the slaves lazy and relaxed and not very productive, and hard to awake in the morning for more labor.

So Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC has no place in a world dominated by pyramidal hierarchies and control structures, these systems require you to stay in your box , no questions asked , and an absolute obedience to authority… this is the reason for the war on Cannabis and other related natural substances as well.

It has “Nothing” to do with with protecting humanity , and everything to do with protecting a very rigid ,  domineering , masculine control structure.

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