Apocalypse Help: Karen From The UK

Hi Seth,
Thank you so much for being such a huge part of my wake up, I’ve headed to your website so often. I loved your post today answering Pete from Canada. Just wondered if you could please go into the Singularity a little more? I get confused sometimes with that word. Does it have 2 meanings, one God-like and also AI based?
Many thanks

Thank you Karen , I greatly appreciate your feedback , of course anything I say is simple my perspective ….I don’t believe in definitive statements , we are all just exploring… of course you already know that …

I “feel” we are all basically individuate aspects , or fragments, shards of a larger body, being, all that is , the singularity … each of us reflecting back a slightly different perspective in a vast multi verse , and this multi verse and everything within it , as vast and un knowable as it seems , is still within the singularity , there is really only “one thing” , one particle , a particle that is so fast it can be everywhere and appear as everything…

ok that was fun … there are so many ways to explore this idea … and yes it can be thought of in computer terms, AI , Virtual reality , the larger consciousness system, and on and on … one of my favorite voices is Bashar , he does an excellent job articulating these ideas… and recently a new voice ” Willa” uses… “Shards of the Fractured Mirror “ .. a wonderful metaphor and way to visualize, the idea …

the mirror of course is the singularity , that fractures itself into “shards” or individuated aspects of consciousness, each reflecting back to universe it’s on unique perspective , which enriches the experience of the singularity , which increase it’s complexity , which makes it more integral , which lowers it’s entropy … all this would be considered moving back towards the light … the universal drama of “from darkness to light “… expansion , contraction , breath in breath out , wax on wax off… had to throw in Karate kid , loved that movie …

the singularity is a mega fractal hologram , a self learning feedback loop of patterns repeating into infinity … OK enough word play here

much love

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