Apocalypse How: Organic Disclosure

What is Organic Disclosure , well its just an idea I came up with , a way to explore the idea of  how we might make contact with other “beings” outside of the consensus reality.

What other beings you might ask, well any of them , pinto beings, lima beings, navy beans you name it. Any beings that want to make contact with us.

There is a very complex and overly manipulated idea in the awakening community about us “Human Beans” making contact with other beings , whether it be from other planets or other dimensions, and they call it “Disclosure” !  (Trumpets and drum rolls here ).

I’ve lost track of the numerous websites and individuals who claim to be at the forefront of the “Disclosure” discussion. I have to laugh I’m sorry , it all seems so silly , to think that any “being” has to do anything special to contact another “being” , especially when there is really only “one being ” .

But this is planet earth , and we do things a bit sillier down here, we make things really complicated and evidently the vast majority of the collective , the population of “human Beans” , like it like that .

But here is the deal , many of us , perhaps all of us are “making Contact” with other beings all the time , which beings we make contact with , will largely be determined by our core resonance , our vibration , our beliefs , our definitions.

Remember , we are all creating the reality that we experience, moment by moment, individually and collectively. As individuals we can experience different collectives, the collective your are experiencing, right now , is simply the one that is a vibrational match , change your vibration and you will experience a  slightly different collective, a different consensus reality .

And I say slightly becasue most of us move slowly , we don’t like big changes, all at once, however it doesn’t have to be slowly , it can and does sometimes occur quickly , on collective basis , think 911, pearl harbor, forget about who was behind what , or who is manipulating who , those are all circumstances , part of the drama , the play.

What truly “matters” now , is your ability to decide which direction “you” want , what choices better serve you , which choices empower you , what collective you want to be part of.

And that’s where we get back to “Organic Disclosure” , I am personally choosing to allow myself to meet with any “other beings ” that would like to meet with me for the purpose of expansion and growth , it’s as simple as that , expansion and growth , that is purposely, a very broad definition , I do not like rigid fixed beliefs systems.

No rules, no regulations , no permission slips, no fighting against dark forces, no negative  programs standing in the way , just me and “them’ , us , quietly , with unconditional love, empathy and understanding.

And we are having success , many of us , and no one even knows, we are quietly acclimating ourselves to their presence, and they to ours, we are re acquainting ourselves , and perhaps over time yes ships can land , or beings can simply appear, quietly in the country , in rural areas , where rugged individuals are more in alignment with this process , less driven by pop culture and the heavily manipulated consensus reality , where both parties will feel comfortable , and the reunion can grow , and “Human Beings ” will be blessed by the experience.

This is the collective many of us are helping to co create , this is how its down , this is “Organic Disclosure” !

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