Apocalypse How: The Phoenix Lights

The ” Phoenix Lights ” is a signpost that we are on a timeline , where global recognition of “The Others ” may become a reality.

I use the term ” The Others ” because it holds the least connotations of anything negative, such as Aliens or Extraterrestrials , which is mired with Hollywood images of destruction , abduction and manipulation.

The universe is big, and it is made up of consciousness, individuated conscious life forms , we can give it different names , and it exists on different planets, in different galaxies, different universes in different densities , dimensions and timelines.

So to keep it simple I recognize all these other potential “beings” as simply “The Others”. And of course they represent a complexity , a diversity , of good, evil , ugly , beautiful ,and everything in between , yet in reality , there is only one , having the experience as the many.

From this broad perspective “All Exploration ” of who and what we are can be safely executed with no fear ,and no expectation¬† , you are simply¬† “The Aware Observer” .

The stories surrounding the Phoenix Lights are many , from the locals who know what they saw was real , to the governments who have to cover such events up becasue it fears the loss of power , relevance , control.

But there is another story you may not be familiar with and that is …what were these lights ,and why does the phenomenon continue , and that story is even more fascinating than the ongoing debate about what was real or not real.

According to Bashar ,¬† a very resonate , articulate , self empowering voice the Phoenix lights are visitors from our not to distant future, they call themselves the Yahyel , and are known by others as the Shalanaya , which translates to” Those Who Will come First”.

The Shalanaya are said to be hybrid human race , that are closely related to us , we would be their ancestors , so it makes sense to have an initial contact with “beings” that are not too different from us genetically , we still have a strong connection with them , as they do with us.

For many this idea may be far fetched , it may even illicit fear , however there is no reason for it , once you acknowledge that ” The Others ” are kindred souls , travelers , seekers , just like us , we are infinite consciousness navigating the seemingly infinite expression of all that is .

During the Phoenix Lights , obviously no one was hurt, no one was abducted , there was no aggression at all , just the beautiful lights in various Triangle formations and patterns.

I also find it fascinating that they chose to use the symbolism behind the Triangle , the trinity , the number 3 which is a powerful symbol in itself , and the Triangle Craft sightings are becoming ever more frequent as we move towards expansion and growth.

Personally I welcome the day when the human race as a collective acknowledges “The Others” , many of us are already having experiences with them , and have been for a very long time.

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