Apocalypse Help : Surviving on Earth

These are challenging times , for all of us , how do we balance being in the world and not of it , how do we get up each day and go to work  just to survive and  pay the bills , while in our hearts we want to do so much more, be so much more than a slave to eating , sleeping , working .

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Appreciation is a good place to start .

Appreciate what you do have , find the things in your life that you can appreciate, whether it be your health , loved ones , the expansion  of your being , awareness, the simple things , and remember , this is a journey ,you are a journey , there is no destination and as you make your way , the only thing that Matters is your state of being.

Only state of being matters, your state of being will determine what you manifest, will determine what is created here in physicality as “Matter” , what we call our lives.

In this way You can be in the middle of a maelstrom of external chaos and madness , what we call thethe consensus reality and still be at peace , still find joy , knowing that outer circumstances Don’t matter , only state of being matters.

Universe is cyclical , it is the sign wave, breath in breath out , contraction , expansion , destruction, creation. Feelings of fear , uncertainty , about money , abundance , careers, ambitions, goals , accomplishments , relationships , basic survival , are all normal , we are all feeling these things.

I feel the reason we are going through this process , this increased instability ,  in the fabric of our social and economic constructs  , is so that we are forced to learn to live again in the moment , forget  about goals , accomplishments, 401k plans, retirement plans, what you’re going to do , or not do with your life , let it go , surrender, none of us know what the Hell is going to happen. “ Just Be “ .

Have compassion and forgiveness, for yourself mostly , these are challenging times, you are not alone in How you feel , trust me, we are “All” going through this at some level, to some degree , no one is being spared the adversities this Apocalypse has brought us.

Yet at the same time , this can be the most amazing time in your life you have ever experienced, the potential for all exists, it’s a choice , it’s up to you , and for most of us it’s a combination of both  , and that’s all right , that’s what makes it so incredible , this is raw creation , “This is what we do , this is what we are !

All the BS is being stripped away , the light in the room has been turned on , and we are seeing all the dirt in the corners and on the walls and on the ceilings and We are all literally being ripped out of comforts zones, all of our pre conceived ideas about how the world works are being completely destroyed , and that’s a good thing.
We are waking up , we are growing up , we are feeling the growing pains if you will , it’s a process .

And yes there are times we will feel stuck , we will feel we have so much to offer, yet all we have time to do is survive , this is the system we were all born into , this Is the matrix, the construct , the paradigm that exists right now.

Just being you is the only purpose you have , we are each individuated aspects of all that is, we are each absolutely needed and necessary so that all that is can experience Itself in every way possible.

So if you want to feel better, more joy filled, then by all means follow your joy whatever that may be . Here is the best recipe for these challenging times.

At any given moment , to the best of your ability , follow your joy , take action in any way you can , with absolutely no “Expectation “ of the outcome !

We are each a universe , not metaphorically , “Literally “ , we are each all that is , and ever will be , there is nothing to accomplish , we are already there, the journey Is simply for entertainment , what else do omnipotent beings do for fun, well look around, this is it welcome to the show.

The key is knowing it’s just a show , just a game , it’s not who or what you are , make life a performance art, find joy in even the simplest tasks , even a mundane 9-5  job can be a place for growth , a stepping stone , on your journey , take if from someone who has had their share of stepping stones .

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