Apocalypse How: Letting Fear Depreciate

Many of us are starting to realize that what we call the Illuminate , The Elite, The Powers that Be , The Ruling Class ,Extraterrestrials, Reptilians and so on , are  simply other aspects of all that is, playing their part in the game , they fulfill their duty, in this construct , this virtual reality.

And … from a greater reality , from a higher perspective, vibrationally , they are us, and we are them , the separation and classification is an illusion !

Yes ! … their actions , are a form of limitation , and yet “they” offer us a choice , a choice between limitation and entropy or growth ,expansion, abundance and synchronicity, they are offer a valuable service in teaching us , what we want and what we do not want.

The only “power” they have at all is that which we clothe them with , yes they have “had” the illusion of power for a long time becasue of their ability to control information , however those days are  fading with advances in technology and the expansion of consciousness and our ability to tap into universal mind .

Information is now readily available to anyone and everyone , and we are rapidly re educating  ourselves , individually and collectively , in some ways we are simply remembering what we already know , we are re awakening , it’s all part of the cyclical nature of nature , the classic drama ” From Darkness To Light ” .

Not to be out done of course by the other  universal story of “From Light to Darkness ” these are the two themes , that play out in the cosmic drama , what we call creation.  Every story that was ever told is variation of these two basic themes , they are a by product of polarity.

And so , as we grow in awareness , as we realize that we create our own universe, our own reality , our own plays, and our own dramas, we realize that it is simply a choice , there is no right or wrong way to “Be”.

This is where we can begin to let fear depreciate, we can give less credence, less import to fear based paradigms, we can quit buying into it , quit giving it value , quit supporting it with our source energy .

Of course in reality there is only one source energy, fear and love and everything in between all come form the same source , they are simply different frequencies , different vibrations , that we can tap into , be  part of , and participate in as individuated aspects of all that is.

So as we we watch the so called “News” unfold , whether it be main stream , alternative , and anything in between, “Remember” it is just information, it is a glimpse into the drama, a glimpse into the universal mind , playing out all potentiality , all possibilities.

There is nothing to fear … ever !  It is just a manifestation , a dream , a virtual reality simulation , it is not who and what we are , we are the stillness, the omnipresent , we create these realities for the purpose of growth , expansion and learning , and to a greater degree for entertainment, depending on your definition of that word .

When you zoom out, when your start to view things form this persepctive, you no longer worry about what is going to happen or not happen , you are no longer concerned with who is getting away with what,  in some grand master mind plot… to control humanity, and yes all those things are “happening” at various levels , one would be in denial if you could not except that reality.

From the perspective of infinite consciousness ( that’s us , you and me ) you see that it is simply a choice , a menu of vibrational experiences to choose from if you will, you begin to see that all of experiential realities are in a sense constructs , amusement park rides , full of excitement , ups and downs , beginnings and ends , drama and action.

And which ever one you choose to hop on for a ride, the experience you have will depend entirely on your beliefs and definitions , change those and the whole experience will change right along with it.

If you are addicted to fear , and fear based constructs, if your in resonance with the doom and gloom based scenarios , then by all means explore those rides , those simulations , however if  your like many of us , and you are tired of the same old story , if your looking for a more unified state of being , a more unified and love based experience , well then it’s simply a choice , live in appreciation of those constructs and let the others depreciate , “Let Fear Depreciate” !

It’s just a ride !

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