Apocalypse How : 2009 The Year the Dollar Died?

Well  I love a good mystery  and when I came upon this one , I have to say it does seem a bit strange . After looking at all the cash I had on hand , I could not find a FRN ( US Federal Reserve Note ) past 2009 .

So I started asking others to check their wallets and purses and sure enough same result , what does this mean , I don’t know.

I did check the US Bureau and Engraving Website and looked at all the notes produced for the years 2010, 2011 , 2012 and so far for 2013  and here is  the link to the governments website.

Needless to say without adding it up its a lot , a hell of lot , where is it ?  Where are these bills , this money ,  do they hold on to new bills for years before releasing them , and why 2009 .

I don’t know the answers to these questions yet, but I will do some additional research to see what this is all about.

Perhaps there are plans to bring in a new currency , although why would they be printing more money , and if they were destroying the older currency,  then you would think , we would be needing the new notes to replenish the inventory , and we would see lots of new bills floating around.

Again this is a very interesting little mystery or possibly a big revelation about whats ahead , what the agenda is for the high priests of banking , yes it is a religion and they even dress like priests and use the same terminology.

Money can simply be a form of energy, a way to store energy , however the form of money  we have here on earth is more like alchemy , magic, sorcery .

Here is the high priest himself , awe… you have to love the pageantry of it all !

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