Apocalypse How: Shards of A Fractured Mirror Part 3.

Well … its been a while since I continued my exploration of the Shards , well sort of , we are always exploring moment by moment , day by day , we are never “not ” exploring , its what we do , it’s what we are.

We are Shards of the Fractured Mirror !

So many revelations these days about this idea , it reminds me of a pivotal , life changing experience I had during an awakening dream, where I saw my faces in “a mirror ” , yes my faces , all of them , infinite in variety , race , gender  and age .

In that moment I had a brief glimpse of my true nature, our true nature , we are truly multi dimensional expressions of all that is, there is no place we end, and no place we begin, we are all that ever was or ever will be , we are shards of the fractured mirror.

Many of us are moving into a state being that is more flexible , more malleable , not limited by space , time , dimension, identity , personality , ego , which are the all the trappings if you will of lower vibrational awareness , of physicality , physical mind.

We are Exploring the idea that we live “other lives” , in other realities, in other dimensions, we meet others in these experiences who we do not know or recall ever meeting in our “normal ” physical existence.

We are constantly shifting from one experience to the next , this is the motion , creation , but what we are is the  stillness from which all things manifest , from which all potentiality is explored.

The practical application here  of understanding our multi dimensional nature , is that it takes some of the heat off , it takes away the burden of feeling like you have so much to offer, so much to give , yet we feel  incapable of doing so.

We feel it is impossible to express everything we would like to in one lifetime, as one person , one personality.  “Knowing” that there are other selves, other aspects of yourself that are doing the things you would like to , but don’t have the time for is very comforting, it allows you to be more of yourself, to be more authentic.

Here in physicality , the grand dream , what we call waking life , we are fairly limited in what we can accomplish in one life time of 80 or 90 years , they are practically the blink of an eye in relation to our true infinite nature, but they seem real , they seem limited, and of course that is the beauty in them , that is what makes them beautiful.

They are like short stories, works of art , that we create , and then sit back and gaze upon , as they reveal something new about ourselves, about all that is , about universe, and we share these images, these creations with each other so that all  can learn as one, so that the larger consciousness system can expand , grow in complexity , unity and love.

Its a process that is best  explored with the heart , ego and physical mind have difficulty with such ideas, they need assistance , help and love , we need to encourage physical mind and ego , work with them , give them something to chew on to play with , they are part of who we are as “Human Beings” , however they are “not” what we are , they are simply tools, companions on this journey.

We are moving towards an awakening where one day , perhaps we will be more in tune, with our other lives, our other selves if you will , we will begin to integrate them more fully so that we can glean more benefit, more joy , more abundance and synchronicity form our current existence, our present journey.

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