Apocalypse How: Intention versus Attention

Intention versus Attention for me is an interesting way to explore the idea of allowing versus controlling, expansion versus contraction.

Intention is typically about planning , plotting a course , from point A to point B, a “grid like” way of perceiving reality , a very “linear way” of thinking , and guess what … it’s not working every well , it’s slow , it’s antiquated and its driving us crazy !

So what would work better in this new multi dimensional reality that we are re- awakening to , a reality that allows all things expression , a universe that is infinite in wisdom , abundance and synchronicity… how about simply being present , being aware of “What” your putting your Attention on , what your paying Attention to !

That’s why there is a war on , it’s a war for your attention , your see our attention is a power source that some will use for their own purpose , just look at the level of manipulation on this planet , it’s staggering the layers and layers of BS that we are inundated with indoctrinated into ,  all for the sole purpose to get our attention.

Our attention is a prized commodity , publicly traded and invested in … to the tune of Trillions ! So why would we give our power, our attention, to anything , or anyone , that dis empowers us or anyone else , why … becasue we have forgotten who and what we are … creators !

Yes … “we”… co- create … the localized and global consensus reality we see around us, and all one has to do is decide what they want to put their attention “on”… and this is what will manifest in the field around them… the unified field.

So where do you choose to put your attention ?  … Love or Fear ?  Harmony or Chaos ?  Abundance or Poverty ?  It’s “simply ” a choice every moment , in each and every oscillation of your being… and of course  universe upholds and supports your  “being” … your very existence… so  when you pay “Attention ” to higher self …universe .. you will be uplifted …expanded…explosive with abundance ..energy…synchronicity …life…love!

Once you learn this its game over for manipulation and any thing  that strives to “get” your attention !

Lately universe has given us all a bit more challenge than we would probably prefer , for many its financial or money related , which creates a whole range of issues , some of it can be health related as we struggle to find balance in the changing energy fields, what ever it is , it can be stressful.

However…we can see these adversities as opportunities for growth… as our fears surface …as we allow them to come up , we can choose whether or not we want to continue to give them any more… “Attention”.

Remember … energy flows where attention goes !

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