Apocalypse How: Individuated And Collective

We are Individuated and Collective . What does that really mean , well it means we have the capacity to experience being a separate  being , a separate identity , a unique personality , like a snow flake no two are  exactly the same , similar yes of course , but not exactly the same.

Conversely we also have the capacity to tap into the collectives that exist as consciousness , we are the collectives, any division is there to simply facilitate different perspectives, different experiences.

Another way to put it , is to say that we are simply divisions of what already exists. Consciousness and energy , “Conscious Energy” can divide itself into infinite combinations of  groups, over souls , collectives , individuals , matter and so on , of course there is really only one thing , one substance appearing as all that is.

Understanding this , or better yet , knowing this intuitively is vital to expanding your own personal reality sphere , and will greatly empower you in your daily life , there is a practical application here, it’s is not simply an exercise in intellect.

And the benefit in knowing that you are supported by , and can tap into all the experiences and information and knowledge that your counterparts have to offer will greatly increase your confidence in allowing abundance to flow , with no expectation, you are not alone by any stretch of the imagination , you are a complex network of interwoven conscious beings all supporting each other and communicating with each other.

And the more adversity you are going through in this particular incarnation is simply evidence of your strength.

The over soul is great way , a fascinating  way,  to explore the way consciousness flows and coalesces into form and structure , no different than how it creates solar systems,  galaxies, super clusters, its the same mechanism at work , magnetism , resonance.

For example here on planet earth , we have approximately seven billion individuated aspects of all that is , yes that would be you and I , people  , you know the little trouble makers creating all the havoc down here.

However in actuality,  when viewed from the collective perspective there are only 300,000 Over souls that make up those 7 billion shards , or  fractals of all that is , in other words as more people incarnate  into physicality , it’s not as if  “new energy”  were being created ,  it’s more a process of replication , further sub dividing in to greater complexity.

So from this “persepctive” every “over soul” has fractured itself , (remember  “Shards of the Fractured Mirror ),    into  roughly 23,000 incarnations , that exist simultaneously , as a super resonate collective , that has its own path, experiences , agreements with other collectives , other over souls and so on.

And these Over souls form yet another collective , a larger consciousness system , and the other  beings , the other collectives , in our local milky way galaxy form yet another larger collective and so on and so forth.

And the way back of course , what some would call  ascension , is when consciousness  re- integrates itself into fewer and fewer expressions , fractals , shards , a contraction if you will , breath in breath out , was on wax off, this is the pulse , this is the breath of the cosmos, this is what we are !

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