Apocalypse How: The Next Conflict

Well here we go again , another war , another conflict added to the list of ongoing wars and conflict.  As war ships head towards Syria , and missiles ready themselves to unleash their payloads , the (so called ) powers that be continue their saber rattling , its the same old story , filled with lies and deception mixed with partial truths.

We call it the Hegelian dialectic , or problem reaction solution , it’s a “program” that has been running so long , that most people have no idea they are trapped inside their own self created prison walls , many go on  believing war and conflict is necessary , and by believing in it , they continue to support the construct.

Yes… its a  program “we” created , collectively ,however  it’s time has run out , it’s purpose is over , for many of us anyway …we are ready for something new, we are ready to build a new consensus reality !

While in the past  the majority of the masses have bought into this lie , over the last few years  , as the vibration of the planet increases , as love based being takes hold and fills all of the dark corners of the room with the blinding light of the Apocalypse , we can begin to see  the reality behind these never ending conflicts , is “US” !

Yes ! … It’s us , it’s our collective garbage rotting in those corners where the light has not been bright enough to shine ,  to see that we are all responsible , that there is no one to blame , no group to blame , once you start blaming others , your a victim , once your a victim , you  have completely  given your power away  , you have essentially dis empowered yourself , it’s  better to take responsibility and keep your power , if your goal is expansion and growth.

This is the purpose  of the alternative media out there,  shouting about the Elite , The Powers that Be, the control grids , yes they exist , however they are created by us , there is no out there , we are the creators of these thought forms and while it is important to understand how they work , it is just a stepping stone , after which,  its time to move on , to understand how and why they are created, to understand what belief systems are in place that manifest  these types of conflicts, both inner and outer , individual and collective for in reality they are one and the same .

Everything starts inwardly and works its way outwardly , why , becasue in actuality , there really is no “out there” !

So you see the  “The Conflicts” are within each of , and the outer continuation of Conflicts will cease only when we have resolved our inner ones , only after we have done our own shadow work , on ourselves , will the outer world reflect those changes.

When you change yourself , when you change your own core vibration , you will then resonate at a different frequency , and your frequency will determine which collective , version of earth , reality ,  you will be part of , experience ,  you cannot perceive that which you are not the vibration of !

So while the 24 hour news cycle appears to all be  negative , that’s OK !   That’s wonderful , that’s an opportunity for growth , it shows that all of the lies are coming to the surface , all of the garbage is being expelled , dealt with , one could even say the worse it gets , the better it gets , there is nothing to be afraid of , we are infinite beings having an experience .

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