Apocalypse How: Breaking Down The Prison Walls

We are all , to some degree  living in a self created prison , collectively and individually . The prison walls are constructed out of  ( bricks or definitions ) which we use to build  our prison  (walls or belief systems ) that en prison us.

This process is so subtle that we do not realize we are even imprisoned , and that we are both the prison guard and the warden.

So here we can see  that our “Definitions create our Beliefs ” and our beliefs to a large degree will determine our “State Of Being ”  …  and our state of being determines the type of experience we will have .

So how do we break down the prison walls ?

Well… using this analogy , since our definitions are the building blocks of beliefs , we should probably start there, it’s time to take a hard look at our definitions , meaning how we define things , for example lets take a look at the definition of  “Abundance” ,  since our level of abundance is often associated with our self worth here in physicality.

Most of us associate abundance with money ,  money is probably the most powerful symbol on planet earth for the idea of abundance , why  , becasue with money we can buy the material things that we associate with abundance , Food, Clothing , housing , Cars , entertainment , our social status and so on , without money we have no access to those things , so it’s no surprise that money is our primary symbol for abundance.

Unfortunately with such a limited definition of Abundance , we tend to exclude all other way in which Abundance can flow to us , so in a sense we add another brick to our prison wall with this definition of Abundance .

A  more unified , expanded definition , would simply be as follows.

Abundance: ” The Ability to “Do” What You Need To Do , When You Need To Do it  !!!

You see how this definition does not exclude “any way” that abundance can flow to you , nor does it dictate what type of abundance it has to be  , such as good health , loving relationships , rewarding work and so on , why … becasue it is not basing abundance on things , it is basing abundance on experiences … which is the only thing we can really take away from the “experience we call ” life .

As the great philosopher Don Henley sings ”  you don’t see no hearses with luggage racks ” !

So here the definition of Abundance is more focused on being able to “Do” or “Experience” the things that would be considered your highest Joy , not about obtaining or acquiring some “thing” ,  and in this “State of Being ”  , with no expectation at all , universe is completely “Free” to do it s job as a mirror and reflect back to you everything you dreamed of … and beyond  !

So you see it’s our definitions that create our belief systems  … that “can” become  self created Prison Walls , they don’t have to , we can have belief systems that empower us and set us free just as easily , its a choice .

So … in order to utilize , to take advantage of,  this incredible shift , this incredible wave of energy that is pouring in during this time of transformation  , lets  … Redefine ! Redefine !  Redefine ! and   allow our definitions to become more malleable , flexible  and avoid building those prison walls with  ” Rigid ,Limiting  Definitions and Beliefs ” .

Even an inmate  in an actual Prison can set themselves free with their  imagination , by redefining , by looking at it from a positive perspective , and therefore deriving a positive experience out of  it !    We are infinite beings , “nothing”  can imprison us , except ourselves !!!

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